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Bedrock Treeminator’s Great Pirate Ship Addon

The Bedrock Treeminator’s Great Pirate Ship Addon has provided a captivating new twist to the classic Bedrock Treeminator theme park experience. This innovative feature has received rave reviews from park-goers and the industry alike.

The Pirate Ship Addon is a fun and interactive new way for guests to navigate their way around the park. It combines a high-flying experience with interactive elements such as cannons and hidden passages that can be unlocked as players gain more power-ups throughout their journey. The theme is based on pirate adventure, making the experience even more thrilling.

The Pirate Ship Addon includes a variety of unique items, such as treasures and hidden compartments, as well as the ever-loved crushing machines, which make it even more fun and exciting. Other features include the ability to launch water bombs, treasure chests, and more. Players can sink enemy ships, navigate through dangerous waters and build a collection of gold doubloons.

One of the great things about the Pirate Ship Addon is that it maintains the feel of the classic Bedrock Treeminator theme, while still offering its own unique twist. Guests of all ages can appreciate the playful atmosphere it provides. Additionally, the Pirate Ship Addon is available inside a variety of packs, offering something for just about everyone.

In conclusion, Bedrock Treeminator has brought its own great twist to the traditional theme park experience with its new Pirate Ship Addon. Guests can explore, play and ultimately, search for the greatest treasure of them all. With features such as water bombs, treasure chests and cannons, the Pirate Ship Addon is sure to make for an even more pleasurable and educational experience for everyone who visits Bedrock Treeminator.

Treeminator’s Great Pirate Ship Addon


Have you ever wanted to steer your own pirate ship in Minecraft. Well here is my pirate ship addon. With two different ships straight out of the 17th century. But there will be more added in the near future. 

This addon adds 2 ship’s from the 17th century to the game. The galleon and a small cutter. They are both steerable but they don’t have weapons yet. I’ll add that in the near future. 

Let’s see the first ship the cutter:

The cutter is a small ship that is made for trading and fishing there’s place for up to 3 people. 

Let’s take a look at the next ship the Galleon:

The galleon is a huge ship made for trading as well as battling it also has a detailed interior design:

So these are all the ship’s till now. 

I hope you have fun. 

creator: Treeminator Creations



Remove the zip ending from the file and open the file using minecraft. 

And don’t click on any of the ads. 


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