True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse [Vehicle Expansion Pack] (V0.1)

How would you feel waking up in a world over run with the undead? Then how would you feel finding a car to run down those undead? This Expansion Pack allows you to do this!



This add-on can is designed as an expansion pack to True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse but can be used by itself!



Petrol Station Structures can be found around your world this where you will find a Red Truck and the Fuel to run it!



Inside the Petrol Station is a Cash Register interact with it to find a Loyalty Card, Loyalty Cards are used to activate the Petrol Pumps. You will not always find one it is a chance only! By interacting with the Cash Register you will summon a Red Truck at the Pumps.


There are two Trash Can at the Petrol Pumps, interact to see if there is an Empty Fuel Can inside


Now you have your Loyalty Card and at least one Empty Fuel Can you can try your luck at the Pumps, you have a 30% chance there is still fuel in the tank!



If you have been lucky enough to get all the items you need you can now get driving! Interact with the Truck with an Fuel Can and the Truck will kick into life. The Truck will last roughly 25 minutes on a Full tank, keep an eye on the Petrol Meter! Truck can also be used a weapon to run down any entity in your path! sneaking and interacting with the Truck will give you access to 27 slot storage in the back



Any issues please comment below, Remember to play in experimental mode to enjoy this add-on.



You will need to Download all 3 packs for this add-on to work.

Experimental Mode will need to be active

Please remember to Clear you device of any previous versions of this addon before installing a new update, this includes clearing your Data Cache in the Minecraft settings.



By aadhu

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