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Bedrock Ultimate Backpack Addon

Ultimate Backpack Addon

Do you want backpacks? That’s rhetorical, we know you do. Everyone does, but after a while it gets a bit bland of an experience with nothing new to offer, this addon is for the players who are bored of normal backpacks and want something new added to their experience.


UBP Addon

How do we bring a unique experience you ask? well, we noticed that minecraft bedrock edition’s new component “item_storage” doesn’t work as intended and instead gives infinite storage. Instead of trying to limit the storage we decided to take a different approach to encourage getting higher backpack levels. There are 2 categories of features on each backpack; 

Skills (is activated by interacting) & Passive Abilities (is activated by holding)


This addon currently only features 7 backpacks & is not compatible with most other addons currently. This is my first published addon as well, so forgive any mistake I may make.

How to use the Backpacks:

Hold down on the backpack item you want to store the items in, then after simply select the item you want to store.

Windows 10:
Pickup the item in your cursor then hover over the item you want to store, then right click to store it.

Leather Backpack

The leather backpack is the most vital piece when it comes to crafting other backpacks. It passively gives Speed & Jump Boost 2 when held. It also has a skill called “Speed Demon”, this skill summons a horse that can move very fast, jump high & takes no fall damage. “Speed Demon” lasts 2 minutes, which kills the horse when it ends- however the cooldown is also 2 minutes long, so you can summon it right after if you need!

8 Leather & 1 Chest


Stone Backpack

The stone backpack is one of the easiest backpacks to obtain & offers a passive ability that grants immunity to slowness & speed 3. The stone backpack skill is called “Heavy Aura”, it makes all entities within a 10 block radius of the player unable to deal damage & freezes them for 30s. (players are excluded). It has a 45 second cooldown.

8 Stone (any kind) OR 8 Cobblestone & Leather Backpack

Iron Backpack

The iron backpack is most suited to effect management. Its passive abilities are; immunity to all poisons & auto smelt. Whilst it’s skill is called “Cleanse”, it removes all negative effects from the player instantly and gives 2 more hearts for 240s. It has a cooldown of 15 seconds, but spamming just for the 2 hearts resets the hearts so be careful with spacing the times out if you want to do that.

8 iron ingots & 1 Leather Backpack


Gold Backpack

The gold backpack’s greatest strength is its passive ability to give 1xp level every 30s as long as the players level is under 30, that is however its only passive ability to balance it. The gold backpacks skill is called “InfiniGap” which gives regeneration 3 for 10s & absorption 2 for 120s with a 20s cooldown.

8 gold ingots & 1 Leather Backpack


Diamond Backpack

The diamond backpack has a passive ability to nullify 15% of all damage taken, if paired with resistance [+20% less damage per level] then it will be around 35% to 95% damage reduction [resistance 4 + diamond backpack], the diamond backpack has another passive ability to randomly change the stone the player stands on to diamond ore. The diamond backpacks skill is called “Sharpen” and it has 1/2 chance to permanently give +1 strength {max of strength 5} per use, as a downside “Sharpen” resets to 0 strength on death, also it has a 10 second cooldown.

8 diamonds & 1 Leather Backpack


Emerald Backpack

The emerald backpack is all about profit. It’s passive abilities include; Hero of the village when held, Immunity to iron golem damage & Iron golems run from you. Whilst its skill is called “TempTrader” which summons a villager for 30s that is immortal. The villager disappears after that time.

8 emeralds & 1 Leather Backpack


Netherite Backpack

The netherite backpack is obviously most suited to dealing with fire, as shown by its passive fire resistance. It also has a passive ability that removes knockback from the player. The netherite backpacks skill is called “Block”, not a very creative name but the concept can be very useful in a lot of situations. “Block” has a 10s cooldown & completely nullifies the first damage tick taken with “block” in affect, no matter how little the damage is or how much it is. Obviously, it doesn’t do very well against fire or lava due to the prolonged damage ticks but its very good for things like clutching or surviving one more hit against a enemy.

creator: MythMCBE

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