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Bedrock Ultimate Coin Add-on

The Bedrock Ultimate Coin Add-on is a revolutionary new concept in using cryptocurrencies that simplifies and accelerates the process of using digital currencies. The add-on technology is a unique combination of multiple existing advancements in the cryptocurrency industry, making it easier and faster to transact in digital money.

The Bedrock Ultimate Coin Add-on is based on an innovative concept called “add-on technology”, which allows users to add extended functionality to existing cryptocurrency wallets. By combining two of the most important components of the cryptocurrency industry, complexity and speed, the add-on enables users to perform instant transactions without worrying about complexities.

The add-on was developed by the Toronto-based blockchain development company, Bedrock Solutions. It is designed to help users take advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrency, such as convenience and low transaction fees. Through the add-on, users can quickly and securely transfer funds, as well as purchase goods and services online. The add-on is particularly handy for online shopping, as it allows for purchases to be made in a matter of seconds.

The Bedrock Ultimate Coin Add-on is also secure and user-friendly. It employs a high-level security protocol to ensure that users’ private information is kept safe. Additionally, the product comes with an intuitive user interface that helps users understand the technology and how it works without having to be overly technical.

Overall, the Bedrock Ultimate Coin Add-on is one of the most innovative products in cryptocurrency technology. It allows users to experience all the benefits of using digital currency, such as convenience and low costs, without having to worry about the complexities. By combining traditional convenience with the latest advances in blockchain technology, the add-on makes it easier and faster to transact with digital money.

Ultimate Coin Add-on


Ultimate Coin Add-on It’s an add-on that allows you to add coins of 8 different materials within the game, each one with its respective value/tier so that you can make your economic systems on small servers/realms with friends or on much larger servers


Hace algo de tiempo existió un add-on algo famoso que agregaba monedas a nuestro querido juego de cubos, el cual fue creado por Cubenomenon por allá del 2019, pero que hoy en día ha desaparecido casi todo rastro de ello, solamente existe un enlace a la primera versión de ese add-on… hasta ahora.

Recientemente he hecho una actualización al add-on, cambiando recetas, texturas y agregando nuevas monedas para dar una larga variedad de monedas para usar en sus mundos, siendo éstas las monedas de cobre, esmeralda, hierro, amatista, oro, diamante, sculk y netherita, las cuales tienen sus versiones apiladas y de monedas sueltas.


Para conseguir las monedas, solamente tienen que meter el respectivo material que necesitan al horno o al alto horno, así ustedes obtendrán una pila de monedas del material que necesitan

Material a Moneda


si necesitan convertir las monedas al material original, solamente vuelvan a meterlo en el horno o alto horno

Moneda a Material

también pueden convertir las monedas en sus versiones sueltas o volver a hacerlas en sus versiones apiladas

Apilado a Suelto
Suelto a Apilado

y para cuando ustedes necesiten convertir las pilas de monedas en sus versiones de mayor o menor valor, solamente necesitan un poco de polvo de blaze y pólvora, además de seguir las siguientes recetas para las monedas, dependiendo del valor que necesitan

Mejorar valor
Reducir valor


Some time ago there was a rather famous add-on that added coins to our beloved cube game, which was created by Cubenomenon around 2019, but today almost all traces of it have disappeared, there is only a link to the first version of that add-on… until now

Recently I have done an update to the add-on, changing recipes, textures and adding new coins to give a large variety of coins to use in your worlds, these being copper, emerald, iron, amethyst, gold, diamond, sculk and netherite, which have their piled and individual coin versions.


To get the coins, you only have to put the respective material you need in the furnance or in the blast furnace, so you will get a pile of coins of the material you need.

Item to Coin

If you need to convert the coins to the original material, just put it back in the furnace or blast furnace

Coin to Item

Also you can convert the coins in their individual versions or make them again in their piled versions

Pile to Coin
Coin to Pile

And for when you need to convert the coin piles into their higher or lower value versions, you just need some blaze powder and gunpowder and follow the next recipes for the coins, depending on the value you need.

Upgrade coins
Downgrade coins




Cuando descarguen el add-on en su dispositivo, si es para PC (W10/W11), solamente deben abrir el archibo y se instalará en seguida, si es para Pocket Edition, tendrán que ir a su explorador de archivos para abrir el add-on y ejecutarlo en el juego

When you download the add-on on your device, if it’s for PC (W10/W11), you just have to open the file and it will be installed immediately, if it is for Pocket Edition, you will have to go to your file explorer to open the add-on and execute it in the game

creator: NeoXXeoN


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