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Bedrock Uncrafting Table

Uncrafting Table

This addon will add a new crafting station to the game and more than 120 crafts for it. among the reverse crafts for the uncrafting table there are armor, weapons, tools, redstone mechanisms and other crafting stations.


This mod adds an Uncrafting table to the game. It was created to craft things that have craft, things that can be crafted include:

  • armor
  • weapon
  • instruments
  • crafting stations
  • redstone mechanisms
  • dyes
  • precious blocks

one of the features of this block is its interface:

for crafting, it is required to place an object or a block for crafting in the centre, if there is no such output window, then this item cannot be crafted, the exception is ingots that can be combined with blaze powder.

it is also required to clarify that if you put only an item, then the player will receive few things, and if you add one of these resources, you can get the most expensive resources used in the creation of this craft.

most items require 0 to 1 item to get the maximum resources, with the exception of Netherite armor and some precious blocks that require all resources.

also, if you are too lazy to go through all the items in order to understand what item is needed to craft it and get more resources, then you can go to the settings and change the interface to the home one, so the interface will be standard and you can see all the crafts.


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