UnderWorld Sans!

Hello. Do you like Undertale? Do you like undertale characters Well, then this addon is for you? We made this addon because we like you to be happy, I guess we just made it. This addon is powerful. That he can one shots all immortal mobs, By the way we hope you still to be enjoy this addon. 😉


UnderWorld sans Picture and powers

✓Health: 9999999

✓Damages: 9999999

✓Imortal mob


UnderWorld sans summoning powers

Giant Bone lurker

He use this to one shooting immortal mobs.

Bone spike

Shooting bone

Gaster blaster1

Gaster blaster2



UnderWorld sans Screenshots

Credits: Miyami gamer04 (me)

Stevebrine killer, Herobrine pro124, 

Dust Sans VN, Ender Jack VN.



We hope you guys to be enjoy 😉



Watch UnderWorld sans video. You can check My YT channel to 😉



Don’t forget to turn on all this features



Download Zip file for PC


Download mcaddon file for mobile that can be taken easy to import in minecraft.


By aadhu

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