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Bedrock UnderWorld Sans!


UnderWorld Sans!

Hello. Do you like Undertale? Do you like undertale characters Well, then this addon is for you? We made this addon because we like you to be happy, I guess we just made it. This addon is powerful. That he can one shots all immortal mobs, By the way we hope you still to be enjoy this addon. 😉


UnderWorld sans Picture and powers

✓Health: 9999999

✓Damages: 9999999

✓Imortal mob


UnderWorld sans summoning powers

Giant Bone lurker

He use this to one shooting immortal mobs.

Bone spike

Shooting bone

Gaster blaster1

Gaster blaster2



UnderWorld sans Screenshots

Credits: Miyami gamer04 (me)

Stevebrine killer, Herobrine pro124, 

Dust Sans VN, Ender Jack VN.



We hope you guys to be enjoy 😉



Watch UnderWorld sans video. You can check My YT channel to 😉



Don’t forget to turn on all this features



Download Zip file for PC


Download mcaddon file for mobile that can be taken easy to import in minecraft.


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