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Bedrock Untitled Carrot Mod

Untitled Carrot Mod

Carrots, the item in Minecraft that only has one purpose eating it. Buuuut, hear me out here, what if every time you eat one you get special items and abilities. 


Minecraft has many different foods, but I think carrots are underestimated so I made this add on


Diamond carrot.

I feel bad for your character’s teeth.

Hunger bars: 4. (all of the carrots give 4 hunger bars)

Abilities: gives you regeneration, and an apple.


Amethyst carrot:

You think amethyst is useless, I think not. introducing the amethyst carrot.

Abilities: gives you haste, and amethyst.


Dirt Carrot:(it’s more like grass but I’m too lazy to fix the name)

Carrots come from dirt so why not make a dirt carrot.

Abilities: gives you dirt.


Emerald carrot:

Villagers love this one. Introducing emerald carrot.

Abilities: gives you strength, and an emerald.


Iron carrot:

Iron is eatable, right???

Abilities: gives you resistance and an iron ingot.


Netherite carrot:

The netherite carrot has no crafting recipe, this one is for a map creation.

Abilities: gives you health boost and netherite.


Carrot armor:

Carrot armor is just iron armor retextured and made with carrots.


Carrot Mob:

Health: 15   Drops: carrot  



Just put in all these experimental features.(sorry, for the cropped looking screen Minecraft’s new update updated the experimental section so I couldn’t take a picture of all of the experiment features at once.)

creator: WayBelowZero

  1. Added carrot armor.
  2. Added carrot mob

Note: Carrot mob naturally spawns. 


Just download it, and click it. Simple right.


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