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Bedrock Upgrade Table Addon (v1.0.0)

Upgrade Table Addon (v1.0.0)

this addon adds to Minecraft upgrade block, you can upgrade iron tools and items with the upgrade table.if you like this addon, please notification me on discord: code block#2954    


when you use my addon, make sure to turn it on in the world settings:

experiments: holiday creator features, turn on✅.

behavior packs: Upgrade Table, turn on✅.


enjoy playing with Upgrade Table!🎮😀.


if you want me to make more of those addons, please DM(Direct Message) me on discord: code block#2954 💬.







Upgrade_Table_addon.mcaddon -> for windows 10 💻, android 📱, iso 📱🍎. ⬇

Upgrade_Table.zip,  Upgrade_table_resources -> for zip download. ⬇

thanks for downloading my addons! 😃 👏

creator: CodeBlock360


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