Uranium Expansion Mod

Have you ever wondered, why isn’t Uranium in Minecraft yet? Well, surprise surprise! I made a mod about it and it’s EXPLOSIVE! It adds Nukes, Pickaxes, new Mobs, you name it. It’s all thanks to the Uranium Ore!



Raw Uranium, Uranium Ingot & Uranium Nugget – How do you obtain these you might ask? Well, you need to find Uranium Ore in either the Uranium Fields or the Uranium Islands. When you mine it, you get Raw Uranium. It is used to craft a Nuke and can be smelted in a furnace to get the Uranium Ingot, which crafts many things such as a Pickaxe and a Block. It can also be put in a crafting table to get Nuggets. The Uranium Nuggets are used to trade with the Nuke Specialist.

Nuke – This bomb makes a massive explosion but it doesn’t lag out your game. There will be fire everywhere and this will kill you in survival when you have full Diamond Armour, so be careful! It is crafted with 1 TNT, 4 Uranium Ingots and 4 Raw Uranium.


Block Of Uranium – This block is actually a big light source for caves and the night as it emits light. When you use a piston, it breaks instantly and you can barely jump on it. You are also slower than usual. This is crafted with 9 Uranium Ingots.

Uranium Ore – This is how you get Uranium in the first place! You have a 15% chance of finding it in Uranium Fields and a 75% chance of finding it on Uranium Islands. It drops Raw Uranium. This cannot be crafted.


Uranium Fields – This biome is a mixture of the lush caves biome and caves. You can find any ore here but most likely Uranium with a 15% chance of spawning.

Uranium Islands – This biome is basically the same as the last one but it spawns near it and on the water. It has a higher chance to spawn Uranium and Gold with a 75% chance. This is extremely rare though, so good luck finding it!


Explosive Enchant – There are 3 levels of this weird and wonderful book. If you craft a Uranium Pickaxe, you can put it in a Brewing Stand and a the book too. It’ll create an Enchanted Uranium Pickaxe! Explosive I has a explosion power level of 4, Explosive II has 8 and Explosive III has 12. It makes mining very easy.


Nuke Specialist – You can trade Uranium Nuggets with this mob. He has 2 levels. His first level trades are 15 Nuggets for 10 TNT and 45 Nuggets for a Nuke. His second level trade is 10 Nuggets for Explosive II!

If you wanna know more, watch this:

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQDWwZ7YdV_sVZ–XNW_NhQ


  1. Click the link and it’ll download instantly!

By aadhu

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