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Bedrock Useful Particles

Useful Particles

These particle packs include chunk borders, health bars, burning time in seconds, player experience visible to other players, mob spawn trackers, projectile movement directions and guides, hostile mob warnings, status indicators for shaking/has target/is using ranged attack/is in love/has custom name/etc, white screen shade for brighter viewing in caves, particles/emitters counter on a chicken (dev tools), and experience orb path tracking. All of these are inside resource packs, which makes this usable on servers. 



Full Showcase video:

All of the textures except spawn egg icons are compatible with other texture packs. Expand the spoilers to show each option:

Java critical hit sounds

Critical attacking plays the sounds from java edition. Check the video showcase for the sound.

Villager particles and sounds

A sound is played when villagers connect to workstations, and the particles are brighter, bigger, and stay longer

Chunk Borders

Shows the 16*16 area of the chunk you are in. This works in first person mode, and there is an option for red or white corners. There are no bottom or top grids, but the setup shifts upward and downward based on your y axis every 16 blocks.

You can turn this on by holding an arrow or firework in your offhand. Turn off by taking those items out of your offhand slot.?nbsp;

Health bars, Player experience points, and Burning Time

The health bars, player experience, and burn time appear above all mobs. Experience points are only available for players, and the fire time only shows if the mob is burning. Health and XP show with 3 digits, and the fire time shows as 2. Burning time constantly shows if the mob is inside lava or fire, and does not help you identify the amount of seconds before you stop burning. If the numbers override 999, they reset to 0 due to how the counting works with three digits. Mob health is hidden if over 1000. Extra 0 numbers are removed when necessary.



Invisible mob indicator

Shows the position of invisible mobs with invisibility effect icon.

Particle dev tools (total emitters and particles)

Shows the particles and emitters count on a chicken. Emitters count is on top and particles count is on the bottom. This may be confusing if you use health bar and this at the same time, and is not recommended for survival. Every time the numbers pass 1000, the red color tint increases.

Experience orb tracking

Shows a red trail of where experience orbs move to. Disappears when the orb is collected or removed.

White screen shade

The white screen effect turns on every 5 seconds when turned on. If shown in third person, it looks like a box surrounding the player. The pumpkin overlay is changed to a white shade too. Note that this only works for regular torches, not soul torches

  • Turns on if sneaking and holding a torch
  • Turns off if there are no torches in any hotbar slots. (move to your inventory slots)
  • There is a 5 second loop triggered when turned on. If you turn it off, the shade disappears after the loop ends
Status icons

Icons show whether something is on or off. Villager targetting shows if a villager tried to throw food at another 

  • [Iron helmet] Undead mob that isn’t fire proof has helmet equipped
  • [Fire resistance effect] Fire immune
  • [Snowball] Shaking (piglin transforming to zombie, zombie villager curing, mob freezing in powder snow, etc)
  • [Red warning] Has target (commonly known as attacking, but not for villagers)
  • [Yellow warning] Is using ranged attack
  • [Blue warning] Is blue axolotl
  • [Bad omen symbol] Is an illager captain (checks for fake captains)
  • [Heart] Is in love (breeding)
  • [Turtle egg] Is pregnant (turtle)
  • [Iron shovel] Is laying an egg (turtle)
  • [Name tag] Has a custom name (disabled for players)
Hostile mob warnings

“Inception Fog Horn” sound:  https://youtube.com/embed//EkUsmMNJmHU  

There are options to use either repeating the mob sounds, horn sound only, or both. When the mob targets something it plays the sound once, and it is louder if you are farther than 8 blocks from the mob. After it loses its target, the sound will not play again unless the mob was not targetting anything for 1.0 seconds afterwards. This prevents the sound from repeating too fast.

It also shows a sound icon above the mob that started attacking something.

Mob spawn trackers

When a mob spawns, it places a white box with yellow color at the north west part of the block it spawned on, and the block/spawn egg involved. Mobs not involved in the options will only have the white boxes appearing. All particles are cleared when you change dimensions. Placing a block where they spawn deletes the particle. The wither uses soul soil, iron golems use iron block, and snow golems use snow block for icons. This is useful for checking which spots are spawnable for general and structure spawns.

Subpack options:

  • [Default] All spawn egg icons enabled
  • All spawn egg icons disabled
  • Structure mobs only (Witch, Pillager, Guardian, Blaze, Wither Skeleton, Magma cube, Skeleton, Zombie Pigman)
  • Structure mobs only without zombie pigman and regular skeletons (Witch, Pillager, Guardian, Blaze, Wither Skeleton, Magma cube)
  • Friendly mobs only – Hostile mobs only
Projectile movement directions

Projectiles show 5 white squares pointing towards the projectile movement rotation. Some images are not shown because they are too small.

  • Dragon fireball
  • Blaze fireball/fire charge
  • Ghast fireball
  • arrow
  • splash potion
  • lingering potion
  • snowball
  • egg
  • ender pearl
  • wither skulls
Projectile guides for players

Hold the specific item to show the predicted paths. Arrows have the same power from both crossbows and regular bows.

  • splash potion/lingering potion
  • trident
  • bow and crossbow
  • snowball
  • egg
  • ender pearl
Projectile guides for mobs

If a mob is attacking from range and it is on the screen, it shows projectile paths just like “projectile guides for players”. Unfortunately it cannot be attached to the wither boss, because the rotation is never correct.

  • Skeleton, Stray, Pillager, and Piglin – Arrows
  • Witch – Splash potion
  • Ghast and Blaze – Fireball
  • Snow golem – Snowball
  • Drowned – Trident


Note: There isn’t a way to link particles and animations to the player without using player.entity.json. There is a bug where it disables character creator skins and capes but not classic skins. Please do not one star for this reason… 🙁


Coming soon: 

  • Mob spawn sphere range 24, 44, and 128 – moving particles around an armor stand that holds a stick [emitter sphere]
  • Nether and Overworld coordinates for armor stands – you or an armor stand hold any compass type to activate
  • compass showing N E S W on the floor when holding
  • Building markers (sneak while holding a stick, place a block where it is to remove)
  • Distance from a spot labeled on an armor stand if holding



  • Download the setup pack (linkvertise monetized)
  • Choose one or more options to download from the MediaFire folder or get the bulk installer

You can apply more than one option at a time, but make sure the setup pack is underneath all of them in order to work. These packs do not require the setup pack to be installed:

  • Experience orb path tracking
  • Java critical hit sounds
  • Villager particle tweaks

creator: youtube.com/channel/UCnGeh26dX7QC2hgxq8J6gnQ


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