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Bedrock Useful Recipes Addon(1.18 Support)

Useful Recipes Addon(1.18 Support)

This addon adds 60+ new useful recipes in the game which should exist but doesn’t. So this addon adds all those recipes which includes recipes for bedrock, enchanted apple, totem, end portal blocks and many more. More recipes will be added as a part of the further updates.


Below you can see all the screenshots of every recipe included in the addon. You can have reference of those screenies and enjoy your gameplay much better with this addon.

Block Recipes : 


you can craft bedrock using 8 obsidian and 1 netherite block.

Brown Mushroom Stem

you can craft mushroom stem  using 4 brown mushroom.

Crying Obsidian 

you can craft crying obsidian using 8 obsidian and 1 ghast tear.


you can craft 1 end portal frame using 3 endstone, 2 eye of ender and 1 dragon breath.


you can craft a grass block using 1 dirt and 1 moss carpet.


You can craft a player head using 1 totem of undying and 1 exp bottle.


you can craft a red mushroom block using 4 red mushroom.


you can craft shroom light using 1 glowstone and 1 brown mushroom stem.


you can craft a skeleton skull using 8 bones and 1 player head.


you can craft 1 spawner using 1 totem and 8 chains.

All the other Recipes are provided to you within the pdf document attached with this post.

If you like this addon definitely share this with your friend. If you find any bugs, report them to me by letting me know in the comments below. Thank you.!

  • Added detailed description for the mentioned recipes and also the recipes provided in the pdf.


  • Download the pack.
  • now double click on it.
  • now game will import the pack
  • now go to your world settings
  • now click on Behavior pack and activate this pack
  • now enter the world and enjoy.

creator: TroubleBubble


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