Useless to Useful Addon (Inspired by ibxtoycat)

There are many features in Minecraft that are very useful and have a lot of functionality in-game, but after watching this video from ibxtoycat, I was heavily inspired to take some features that aren’t very useful and make them more so! I stress that this is very much inspired by toycat’s video and implements a lot of his ideas, but in the way that I envision.


Wither Roses

Wither Roses are pretty interesting, but not really useful unless you are working with, say, Wither Skeleton farms. 

First of all, smelt a Wither Rose in a furnace to get Wither Powder.

Wither Powder can be smelted from Wither Roses.

Rather ironically, Wither Powder doesn’t do anything on its own. You need to use it in conjunction with a carpet in the crafting grid to create a brand new block called the Cursed Carpet.

Cursed Carpets can be crafted with one Carpet (any sort) and one Wither Powder. (Shapeless)

This Cursed Carpet block gives you a strong and fast Wither effect when you stand on it, which lasts for a second after you stand off it. This can be used for some very discrete traps, as they look identical to the Black Carpet.

Cursed Carpets give you the Wither Effect when you stand on them.

Glistering Melons

Glistering Melons were difficult to do anything with, because they are hardcoded as items. I would have made them edible, but since that isn’t possible, I went with the next best thing that toycat himself mentioned on his video: Glistering Melon Blocks!

Melon Blocks and Glistering Melon Blocks look similar, aside from their colour.

Glistering Melon Blocks can be crafted with 9 Glistering Melon Slices, just like the normal block. Be careful though, because they don’t work with Silk Touch and only drop 3-7 Glistering Melon Slices when they break!

Glistering Melon Blocks can be crafted with 9 Glistering Melon Slices.

Glistering Melon Blocks are currently decorational, but they will eventually be able to be farmed similarly to Melon Blocks as of Vanilla. The only somewhat cool thing with Glistering Melon Slices is they can be crafted into 4 Melon Seeds. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

Glistering Melon Slices can be crafted into 3 more seeds than regular Melon Slices.


Bats are, in my view, the only feature in the game which are only intended to be ambient. They don’t drop anything – not even XP – they just sort of fly around erratically and do nothing. Let’s change that! 

First of all, they drop 5 XP points. It isn’t much, but it feels balanced since that’s the same amount as a Silverfish. Secondly, they drop 0-2 Bat Wings upon death, which can be used to craft my personal favourite feature in this whole Addon – Bat Elytra!

Bat Elytra can be crafted using two Bat Wings and one String. (Shaped)

Bat Elytra can be worn in the chest slot, and in doing so produce an infinite supply of Slow Falling. One drawback though: you can’t afford to take any damage while you are wearing them, because two hits from a Zombie, for example, can cause them to break forever, since you can’t enchant them or repair them. You might be able to repair them using Bat Wings in the future.

Bat Elytra have a unique appearance when worn in the chest slot.


There isn’t much I could do with these since stack size is maxed at 64. Instead, I changed their saturation_modifier to normal and made them restore 4 hunger shanks (8 hunger points). That’s it.

Glow Berries

Glow Berries do barely nothing at all. They are a quick food source underground, but they don’t restore much hunger and the saturation value is really low. I haven’t changed any of that, but they now have a 30% chance of giving you Night Vision for 30 seconds, helping you to see in caves.

Cocoa Beans

I included this feature last on the list for a reason. At the moment, the only new Cocoa Bean-related item is the new Chocolate Bread, crafted as shown below. However, I’m opening this to you guys. What chocolate food types do you want added? Let me know in the comments or DM me on Discord @voidredstone#3664.

Chocolate Bread can be crafted with three Wheat and three Cocoa Beans. (Shaped)

Chocolate Bread restores 3.5 hunger shanks (7 hunger points) and has a large saturation_modifier. It’s definitely worth eating these for a quick and cheap food source.

Known Issues

The textures of Cursed Carpets are slightly weirded out on either some updates or some platforms. I don’t know why this is, but if anyone has any idea, please contact me using the information below.

Final Notes

If you want to make a video or any other media on this addon, please make sure you ask for permission on Discord @voidredstone#3664 and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Similarly, if you wish to share this addon elsewhere, please distribute this link rather than the mediafire link to ensure I get adequate credit.

This addon was developed by me, voidredstone, with information obtained from  and . Find a bug or have a suggestion? Tell me about it in my Discord server at ! Enjoy the addon and make sure to suggest some sweet chocolatey features!



Added a better representation of in-game content in the featured image, since it was denied.


For Windows 10:

Download the .mcaddon file and double click it in your file explorer to launch Minecraft and import it.

For iOS/Android:

Download the .mcaddon file and click “Import to Minecraft”. If that doesn’t work, copy the link into a Notepad app and import it to Minecraft from there.

MAKE SURE TO ENABLE EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES! When you are applying it on your world, make sure you apply both the resource pack and the behaviour pack. If either of those are missing, it won’t work. If you want to look inside the pack yourself or .mc file extensions don’t work for you, consider downloading the .zip file instead.



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