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Bedrock V4 Titan Mobs Addon (New Dimensions, Titans, etc.)

V4 Titan Mobs Addon (New Dimensions, Titans, etc.)

The titan mobs addon was originally a mod for the java edition of the game by Enderman of D00m. The mod consisted mainly of huge versions of regular vanilla mobs known as “titans”. These titans are based off of greek gods and titans from greek mythology, meaning they possess great power. This addon is a port by me of this mod. The original java mod can be found here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-titans-mod


All that needs to be known is that this mod brings giant creatures to your world with godly stats and powers. They are so powerful that they got members of their own species to worship them. 

When playing the game normally, the titans really only spawn through means of titan spirits. They can be taken down easily with powerful gear. The powerful gear will be unnamed so you may experience this all for yourself.

That being said, you may just want to spawn these titans for yourself. They will engage in titan brawls if they find themselves near each other.

Just be warned you aren’t safe in creative mode from them.

Below is an image of “Witherzilla”.

These titans are waiting for you. 
Once again, huge shoutout to enderman of d00m as the OG maker of the mod, I am only porting it.

Here was the permission:

That being said, there is a video for this addon:

So, have a good time.

The titans addon has gotten an update but it is important to recognize that the mediafire link may not be spread. Be sure to link this page.

There is a video for this:

creator: https://twitter.com/RocketwayA


Altered attack damage.
Added area damage to titans when attacking.
Added function to ender colossus eye beams.
Smooth animations. 
Changed Dimension functions.
Added 3D eggs in inventory.
Parity changes.


changed link to proper link


Turn on all experimental options and load your world up with the addon.



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