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Hi all!, how are you, I hope you are all well, on this occasion the katana addon got a small update, and the most requested variant of the katana has been added, and what are the updates and changes? let’s go straight to the katana addon update 1.1


the first thing we discuss is the texture tweak of the diamond katana, according to your request, many have asked to tweak the texture, this is a new texture, hope you like it 


we continue for the second update, which is a new block for making katana, as you know before we use the ragular crafting table, and in my opinion it is too overpowered, how about not even though it’s only different in shape but still consumes the same ingredients as regular swords, if like that you would definitely prefer a katana over a regular sword. this is the form of the new crafting table (katana maker)

OK, let’s continue with the third update, which is adding a new block. the name is compressed cobblestone. What’s the use? yes of course to make a new crafting table (katana maker). How to make it?, the way is you craft on a 3×3 crafting table full of cobblestone. this is like the old version of the java edition mod. And this is how it looks and how to crafting 

the fourth update is adding a custom stick, how do I make it? and what is its use? see below 

Fifth and most important update is the new katana. yes like your request I finally added a netherite katana, how do I make it?

And lastly change all katana recipes to only be able to use the katana maker.  

oops I forgot to say in this addon there is 1 easter egg that can’t be crafted and can’t be picked up by command, what are they? try to find out for yourself, if you find it comment below 

And maybe that’s all for this update, if you have any suggestions for katana what should I add in future update you can comment below, btw now i have 100 sub 😀 , so can you help me reaching 200 sub?


• add netherite katana 

• nerf iron and diamond katana damage 

• add compressed cobblestone 

• add handle 

• add new katana crafter 

• now katana can only be crafted in katana crafter 

• minor bug fix


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