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Bedrock Vanilla Rings V1.0.0

[NEW] Vanilla Rings V1.0.0

Hello, I present to you Vanilla Rings, an addon that adds 4 rings with effects, such as fire resistance, village hero and more!. The addon is in an early phase, if you want to report a bug, tell me on my discord 🙂


Let’s start with the crafting, each ring is made uniquely to the others, which we will give in detail below.

Fire Ring.

  • – This ring when used gives you Protection against fire, basically the lava does not hurt you for 4 minutes

Respiration Ring.

  • – This ring when used gives you Water Breathing for 4 minutes Basically you can breathe underwater for 4 minutes without drowning.

Village Ring.

  • – This ring when used gives you the village hero effect, basically you will have a discount on the villagers for 4 minutes!

Haste Ring.

  • – This ring when used gives you Haste for 4 minutes, basically you will chop stone, earth and wood faster.


The rings have a basic use, you will only have to hold down the screen and the effect will be generated with a Cooldown 



My discord 

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