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Bedrock Vanilla Trampoline Addon

Vanilla Trampoline Addon

Yes! you are thinking right here is trampoline Addon for you xD and you can do jumping jacks or dancing on trampoline lol in fully Minecraft vanilla style and make your world so enjoyable with fun! You can also make so many fun build with this trampoline like elytra launcher, elevator and many more builds.

Have Fun 😀


It’s very easy to make trampoline for yourself and your friends.

Items Needed for trampoline :-

  • Slime Block
  • Carpet ( For increasing your trampoline power)


  1. Take a Slime block and place it.
  2. Now select the carpet colour on yourself there is a 1 to 7 colours with there levels of trampoline.
  3. Place the carpet (you choose) on a Slime block and jump on it

There is a seven levels of your trampoline each level increase the Trampoline power and level 7 is max 

These are trampoline levels 

  • Level 1 (Purple Carpet) 
  • Level 2 (Blue Carpet) 
  • Level 3 (Light Blue Carpet) 
  • Level 4 (Green Carpet) 
  • Level 5 (Yellow Carpet) 
  • Level 6 (Orange Carpet) 
  • Level 7 [Max] (Red Carpet)  

Here is a trampoline showcase video 

If your want to share the addon use link! Only 

  • You not allowed to share the direct download link (mediafire_link) of this addon 
  • You are not allowed to re-upload the addon on other website 
Hey Listen! XD

Now only one action is available when you click on download link And added zip file download link


This addon will work in Android, iOS and Windows

For Android and iOS player :- Download the trampoline addon and click on it and then select minecraft thats it now you can able to use it in your world 

  1. Open your world setting
  2. Select the trampoline addon in behaviour pack
  3. Now you can play!

For Windows player :- Download Vanilla Trampoline zip file and unzip the file in your world behaviour folder and Start your world and play!

I Hope you can understand the installation steps if not then you can search how to install addon in Minecraft for Android, iOS and Windows

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2RsQdKSLrV3WXAw7QNECUQ


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