VeinMiner Add-On

With this addon you will save yourself the trouble of having to chop the blocks of ores one by one when having to go mining, it will be enough to mine one ore so that the others break alone and thus obtain the items and the xp quickly.


• How to use the addon?

You just have to have any type of pickaxe in your hand and be crouched, then you just have to break the ore and the other blocks of ores will break in a chain reaction.

• Things you have to know:

The “VeinMiner” will work with all ores except ancient debris as this ore is generated in small quantities.

The VeinMiner will not work if you are not crouching.

It only works in survival (I hope it’s obvious)

The “efficiency” and “fortune” enchantments will not work when using the ability.

A small cross will appear in the centre of the screen, this will only be useful on touch devices.

• Only for mobile devices using touch controls:

When bending down and with a pickaxe in hand, a small cross will appear in the center of the screen on all devices that install the addon, this cross is only useful on mobile devices that use touch controls and have the split controls disabled, this cross will indicate where to break the ore for the addon to work properly.

Effect99: I recommend activating the divided controls on mobile devices but it is not necessary since for that I added that little cross, to indicate to the player where to point to break the ores.


I repeat, you just have to be crouched, have any pickaxe in hand and break an ore so that the other blocks of ores will break automatically.

Effect99: Screenshots of some mineral blocks that I broke, the before and after.


* Activate the option “Holiday Creator Features” for the correct functioning of the addon. 

Small video demonstration of how it works:

• Report bugs or problems to Twitter @Effectoo
Any suggestions to add on the addon are welcome as long as you send them to me on my Twitter. 


The description of the Add-On was detailed and better organized.


• Activate both behavior and resource pack in your world settings
• Activate the option “Holiday Creator Features” for the correct functioning of the addon.


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