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Bedrock Vent Block Addon 1.18.10

Vent Block Addon 1.18.10

Vent Block is a plugin that adds a variety of ventilation modules prepared to make thousands of combinations! What is it about? The addon is a compilation of ventilation modules, it is prepared to make many types of combinations, its style is prepared to fit in many environments: modern houses, factories, warehouses, etc. How is it acquired? To acquire it you need iron ingots, put them in a stone cutter and all the variables will come out. How is it used? To use it correctly you have to see the tube connectors, there are different types such as normal tubes or the ropes that hold it. It is advisable to try all types of combinations before settling.


All the blocks

How to get it?


To be able to acquire it in creative it can be acquired as in survival but even so if you write in the chat / das @p f: conducto (and put a number from 1-11)


In survival you can acquire it by putting a iron ingot in a stone cutter.


Examples of decoration

Please enable these options for the plugin to work!

The addon is ready to start with a single click, little by little it will be updated to put more content.

If any update you don’t like or wrong, you can disable it as addons are separated by mod base and updates.

creator: Trotamundos872



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