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Bedrock Virus Red Minecraft Creepypasta Addon

Virus Red Minecraft Creepypasta Addon


Virus Red is like Null but with Red And black Half he HACKS Players In Minecraft he almost Looks Like Null and He’s null’s Brother as Well and He’s Extremely strong he wields Redstone items sometimes Diamond sword He walks fast a bit And when Monsters go Near him they get Hurt and they Try To Defeat him


YouTube: EnderliteSteve: https://youtube.com/channel/UCc1v3t0rJ2JrcraTV59TCTw

Discord: Steve679Games#4702: https://discord.gg/jrY9KBRMAd  


  • Attack:7
  • Weakness: Too Many withers Fighting him
  • Health:800
  • Drops Redstone stuff And Diamond sword if defeated
  • Has own coloured Egg
  • Kills Players
  • Kills every mob when They hit him
  • Kills Villagers
  • Steals players stuff if your defeated
  • Hates fire
  • Looks at you when your Around him
  • Speed: 0.24

virus red is very strong! but he walks slow and he’s better Then zombies he can use what Redstone thing to use even like a Redstone ore to attack you or Even any Sword!

To Kill Him when strong you Need enchanted Netherite Armor and enchanted Netherite Sword because leather iron gold diamond armor will Not work to kill him



If you Press the McAddon link It will Lead you To mediafıre and If you press The link wait for it….And Enjoy my addon! 

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc1v3t0rJ2JrcraTV59TCTw


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