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Bedrock VVSP The Kingdoms Mobs+ AddOn

VVSP The Kingdoms Mobs+ AddOn


Hello! Have you ever wondered if mobs have their own kingdom? Well this addon gives you tons of unique mobs that has massive weapons and awesome skills behaviors.. You just need to tap this Addon for more information

This addon contains mobs kingdoms and added buffed mobs that has overpowered skills in game.. You need to settle and control them for the sake of their kingdoms by taming them even enemies hostiles to protect themselves


  • i only added villager mobs because this addon is in beta testing program.. Probably the addon next update will be have changes and few bugs fixes


  1. The Knight Villager
  • Health: 120
  • Damage: 18
  • Move Speed: 0.39
  • it only attacks hostile mobs
  • Doesn’t affect its allies attacks or non damage from its allies

     2. The Swordrathner Villager

  • Health: 90
  • Damage: 29(because his weapon is big)
  • Move speed: 0.33
  • It only attacks hostile mobs enemies
  • Doesn’t deal any damage from other his allies for not being neutralized and didn’t attack his allies

The addon only adds 2 mobs because this addon is still in beta You have free to try this addon and tell me some bugs that may can ruined the game


Probs the addon may have changes and updates soon


[The description may update when something was added in and upcoming update about of the addon]



The addon can be kicked out in the game so please report it to me if it happens

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7pGmmYHd_7KNyEbW5sVPFA                  


First read the description of the addon to know the information about the addon

Second download the addon and import it into game

Third You can now enjoy playing with this addon


(The addon doesn’t have ads bypass or linkvertise to not encountering whether other peoples trying to download the addon) NO ADS! so free to download!



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