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Bedrock Wandering Trader Overhaul

Wandering Trader Overhaul


Are you also tired of the fact that a Wandering Trader spawns anywhere, but not where you need and at the same time constantly interferes with you and there is no sense from him, except for the leashes that he drops? If yes, then this mod is for you. This mod makes it so that the Wandering Trader will now only spawn in villages and will now sell useful items.

Actually the Wandering Trader will not only spawn in villages, I didn’t find a way to make it spawn only in villages, instead I made it so that the Wandering Trader spawns on a dirt path block, and dirt paths are found only in villages. But if there is a dirt path block next to your house, then a Wandering Trader may spawn next to your house.

Items no longer sold by the Wandering Trader: all types of flowers and dyes, sea cucumber, lily pad, cactus, all seeds except watermelon seeds, tropical fish bucket, reed.

Items that the Wandering Trader will now sell: 

golden apple – 24 emeralds,

healing potion || – 42 emeralds,

regeneration potion – 58 emeralds,

azalea seedling – 12 emeralds,

bottle of experience – 8 emeralds,

fireworks rocket – 3 emeralds.

Additionally, the Wandering Trader will now be able to give you 16 Potatoes for 1 Emerald in exchange for 32 Poison Potatoes.

I also lowered the price of packed Ice and blue Ice at the Wandering Trader, blue ice now costs 2 emeralds instead of 6 emeralds, packed ice costs 1 emeralds instead of 3 emeralds.


Thanks for download this mod!😃

creator: Arthur156

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