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Bedrock Wanted Custom Recipes

Wanted Custom Recipes

I add some recipes that’s most people would like to have! Some are Totems, OG Enchanted Golden Apple, Trident, Elytra, End_Portal Frame, and Chain Armor! If you would like me to add more recipes comment and give a 5 star!


Remember Experimental Gameplay As ALWAYS!!!

These Are The Recipes!

Lazy To Mine For Netherite? Here It Is! You can change diamonds to Netherite!

Don’t want to use RNG to get trident? Just raid the ocean monument once, and there you go!

Don’t want to explore for end city/ship? You can just craft Elytra if you go to end once!

Want to build a end portal at your house? Just defeat the ender dragon once, and some other materials!

Are you a OG? I added the lost recipe, but replace the normal apple with golden apple.

You wish for totem? THERE! You can get totem basically similar recipe to enchanted golden apple.

Want chain armor for decorating or collection? I add it, so you can obtain chain armor in survival!

A Picture:

creator: IAmKoh


Click The Link

Go To MediaFire

Direct Download, and Import To Minecraft!


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