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Bedrock Warden Heart Addon

Warden Heart Addon

Do you think that the loot of the warden is not enough for how difficult it is to defeat him? well this addon is for you, this addon adds a new warden loot item that has a very good utility

well let’s start talking about the new item, which as the name of the addon indicates will be the heart of the warden, this will be dropped when killing the warden with a 100% probability

This heart will be necessary to create the new chestplate which is slightly better than the netherite, despite not having fire resistance it has 9 defense points and makes you immune to knockback

The crafting to create this new chestplate is: echo shards x6, warden heart x1, and finally diamond chestplate x1

it is also possible to repair this armor with a warden’s heart

creator: Kicho117


game images added

the addon image was fixed

fixed armor texture


Enable experimental features and correctly install behaviors and resource packs


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