Warfare Armors v2.5 || [Compatible with other Addons] NEW Armors!


Looking for an Addon that adds Modern Armors? Well well do I have something for you, Warfare Armors Add New Modern Military Armors and Some Melee Weapons this addon Currently doesn’t add guns because it focus on compatibility to other gun addons Plus they are Survival Friendly Means you Can Craft them on Survival

All Armors and Models Are Created By Me Astray

This addon Currently Have 5 Armors and 4 Melee Weapons

The Shield is Also has been Retextured to an Riot Shield

In game Picture:


• Armors List:

Scout Armor:

-Protection 12

-Knockback Resistance 0.1

-Night Vision Goggles Gives Permanent Night Vision Effect When Equiped on Head


-Night Vision Goggles can be Bought to the Armorer Villager

-Crafting Recipe:


Military Armor:

-Protection 16

-Knockback Resistance 0.1

-Epic Looking Armor and Great for Camouflage when only Equip with uniform

-Crafting Recipe:


Riot Armor:

-Protection 20

-Knockback Resistance 0.3

-Great for Tanking and Has Great Protection

-Can be paired with Police Baton (Uncraftable for now) and Riot Shield


-Crafting Recipe:


SAS Armor:

-Protection 22

-Knockback Resistance 0.2

-An Armor with Gas Mask (Gas Mask will have Usage in the Next Update)

-Crafting Recipe:


SpecOps Gear:

-Protection 24

-Knockback Resistance 0.2/0.3

-Best Armor in the Addon Right Now and Great for Tactical Stuff

-Night Vision Goggles on Helmet Works

-Crafting Recipe:

That’s All for the armors il add more on future Updates

Some Materials Used for Crafting the Armors:



Also heres some Melee Weapons

Currently they aren’t obtainable on Survival since im still working on them


Ingame Screenshots With Battlecraft Addon:

Credits to Arsenal Studio for BattleCraft Addon

Addon Link: https://youtube.com/embed//rh92GDH450k

Anyways Please Enjoy my Addon if you found some bugs please Tell me About it on my Discord and Also Subscribe to my Youtube Channel


New Insurgent Armor

[Helmet Gives Night Vision Effects]


New Mercenary Armor

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC25gW8O63UTkTQIqKd57h3Q


-Added 2 New Armors [Mercenary & Insurgent]

-Fixed Some Bugged Models

-Fixed Recipe Bugs, Now the Addon is Survival Friendly

-New Addon Banner                


By aadhu

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