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Bedrock +Warp Command

+Warp Command


This addon is for server owners or people who likes to make instant warps to certain locations. This addon adds a custom command in the game that will let you easily teleport.

How To Use:

Type “+warp” in the chat to open the +warp UI. 

There is a difference between op players and non-op players.

Tag yourself as op to be op. e.g “/tag @s add op”

OP Players:

When you are op you can create warps or delete warps.

Non-OP Players:

For non op players you would see the warp list.

Pick a warp to teleport to it. The warps are compatible across dimensions.


You are not allowed to repost this resource/addon

You are not allowed to create your own download link.

You are not allowed to share the direct link.

Feel free to make videos just credit.


  • Gametest Experimental Settings Is Required
  • Does Not Work With Realms

creator: https://twitter.com/Dewdimpple


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