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Bedrock Wartime Survival

Wartime Survival

This addon transforms your survival worlds into a active combat zones, complete with planes firing projectiles at the ground, tanks firing at the sky, aerial combat, and general infantry. Unlike most combat/war addons, the goal isn’t to make you a combatant, but instead raise the difficulty of survival by surrounding you with war!


This is a beta release of Wartime Survival, which transforms your survival world into an active and dangerous combat zone.  Unlike other combat addons, the objective isn’t for you to participate in the combat.  You are just trying to survive but things are much more dangerous as tanks shoot fireballs at planes, and planes explode into the side of mountains.  This is a unique and entertaining survival experience.

This addon does require the Holiday Experimental Features to be toggled on.  

Upon entering the world, find a good location for a bedrock structure that houses a couple of required command blocks.  When you find a good location (I recommend below spawn, around level -55), type the following commands:

 “/structure load setup ~~~”

– “/tickingarea add circle ~~~ 4 main”

And that’s all you have to do to start playing 

** The game will work without those commands, but you will have far less explosions.

How the combat mobs interact with you and the world:

There are currently 4 combat mobs:

– Infantry

– 2 Varieties of plane

– Tank

– When any of these mobs spawn in, they are randomly assigned to a red or blue team (you can’t tell by looking at them which side they are on).  

– The red team members will fire at the blue, and the blue will fire at the red.

– ALL combat mobs will fire on villagers so make sure you lock them up for safety.

– There is a 1 in 300 chance that a combat mob spawns in as a “rogue”.  These mobs will attack players and any other mobs it sees.

– The tank and the infantry men will attack you if provoked.

– The planes will cause very large explosions, with fire, if they are killed, too close to ground, hit a structure, or bump another plane. 

There will be more comprehensive updates to this addon.  Feedback is welcomed.  Enjoy!

** If you like this addon, please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel by clicking the video above.  It’s a great way to stay up to date on this addon and many others that I create.


creator: TheMCD912


Download the .mcaddon file
Add the packs to your world

Remember to activate the Holiday Creator Experimental Features.



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