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Bedrock Waypoints Addon // v1

Waypoints Addon // v1


As a player I am sure that you have ever gotten lost in your world or wanted to get faster to that place where you were last time and do not remember it, then this add-on is for you, as it allows you to teleport from one place to another by placing a waypoint in your world.

  • Recipe needed:
  • Use of the item:
  1. Once we see the item already obtained, we must choose the place where we want to place our waypoint and then we will press with the right button if it is in Windows or we will hold down the screen if it is a smartphone to show the options menu, there we will find a couple of reminder notes necessary for the player.
  1. In this menu there will be 2 more options, which are to add and teleport to the waypoint
Option to add
  1. Within this option you will find the menu to add a waypoint with the options to add a name, choose the type of color of the text and most importantly the type of color of the waypoint according to the tastes of the player.
  1. In this case I have decided to choose to place one with my name, white text and pink waypoint, in addition to being placed and showing the desired name, this also gets the coordinates of the place where the player was while placing it.
Teleportation and removal option
  1. Within this you will find only two options that are teleportation and elimination, in this case place the name of the waypoint created previously
  1. By teleporting to the waypoint this will give us a couple of effects that last a couple of seconds as “consequences” of said action
  1. To delete a waypoint it is necessary to place the name of this and activate the option to delete which will result in deleting it completely.



  • Remember that being an entity it executes the command “/kill @e” it died, so it does not matter since it does not disappear unless it is removed from the displayed method or by executing the custom command “#remove wp” that will do it in a radius of 5 blocks
  • This add-on has a limitation, since by using “tickingarea” you can only create a limit of 10 active waypoints, otherwise those created after the limit will not work until it is within a range.
  • To avoid the loss of the waypoint it is immune to damage of all kinds and is also immune to the effect of the levitation potion that prevents it from levitating aimlessly.
  • Also avoid creating more than one waypoint with the same name otherwise you will not be able to teleport to any of them and when they are deleted only one will do so leaving the other with errors, and here comes point #1


Please respect the links in this add-on and leave the post link only if possible.

It is forbidden to upload this add-on to other platforms without my consent, as it is uploaded to applications and websites that do not respect the creators.


Just remember to turn on experimental play options for smooth operation

Download guide

Go to the links, then down and click on “Free Access with Ads”, then click on “Discover interesting articles from the web” and click on X, wait as long as it says and press X again, then press to “Continue” and voila, this is the same for all the links in this plugin

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70EMFarsvDg5UmIn2kB3Gg



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