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Waypoints by LakhdarLPAre you searching for a working Waypoint Texture Pack in Minecraft Bedrock? Now you can stop your search. Just download this Resource Pack and enjoy! Waypoints is a popular mod for Minecraft Java Edition. Now it’s also available for Bedrock. 


What are Waypoints? 

Waypoints are markers in your worlds which help you to remember different places like your base or a village. 

This resource pack is still in the testing phase. 

It looks like this:


How to use Waypoints:

  1. Place an armor stand


   2. Give it a map to show the beam. 


    3. Place an item frame


    4. Copy your map


    5. Place the copy of your map in the item frame


     6. Done. Now you can see your marker on the map


Showcase video:

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Known issues:

  • The Waypoint only renders up to 70 Blocks. This is because the entity render distance is set to 70 Blocks. It doesn’t matter how far your render distance is.


You are allowed to:

  • Make a video/review for this pack
  • Share it on other Website
  • Share this link

You are not allowed to:

  • Claim this pack as yours
  • Edit the code (You can ask me if you want to) 
  • Make your own Download link
  • Use the Mediafire link for sharing



If you have any questions, then ask me on Discord (please no spam

  • Discord: LakhdarLP#5247


  1. Open the downloaded file.
  2. Minecraft will start automatically and it will import the Resource Pack
  3. Go to settings

    4. Go to Global Resources > My Packs

    5. Click on Waypoint by LakhdarLP > Activate

creator: https://www.youtube.com/LakhdarLP


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