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Bedrock Weapons And Tools Survival Expansion

Weapons And Tools Survival Expansion


Welcome to Weapons and Tools Survival Expansion, with new swords, pickaxes, axes, shovels and hoes for your Minecraft survival worlds. Master new weaponry and find your favourites with unique and original weapons and tools. Acquired from the Workbench, Weapons range from: Daggers, Scythes, Longswords, Combat Shovels, Maces and Longswords find what works for you with many of the weapons having special separate abilities. 


The workbench serves as a way to get the new weapons and tools

A look into the variety of weapons and tools you can make below 

Smithing Table

upgrade your diamond weapons to netherite like normal



DMG> 3-7

Ability- Interact to dash into a rapid sprint burst for a limited duration


DMG> 3-7

Ability- Interact to have a increased sprint speed for a limited time


DMG> 5-9

Ability- Increase in Damage due to increased length


DMG> 6-10

Ability- A Heavily Weighted High Damage Weapon with a Long Cooldown

Double Ended Swords

DMG> 6-10

Ability- Double Swords = Double the fun

Amethyst Tipped Swords

DMG> 5-9

Ability- An Increase to Damage due to a Amethyst tip


DMG> 4-8

Ability- An Increased Damage Axe Unable to strip wood as a trade off


DMG> 4-8

Ability- An Increased damage pickaxe 


DMG> 3-7

Ability- A High Damage Shovel Unable to path grass as a trade off

Combat Spades

DMG> 4-8

Ability- A Combat Ready Spade with increased damage

Combat Shovels

DMG> 3-7

Ability- A Combat Ready Shovel still able to path grass


DMG> 5-9

Ability- A High Damage Hoe also able to till a larger area of land compared to a traditional hoe, best tool also for destroying leaves

Dirt Tools

DMG> 0.5-3

Ability- Cheap Equipment for early game, same durability as gold but as good mining speed as stone

For Help and for Joining Our Community

Our Discord Server!



press free access and follow the steps carefully

any issues with downloading feel free to message me on discord and ill give you a direct download Sir_Bowiczz#6279

Once Downloaded Open Minecraft and add the Behavior Pack, Resource Pack and the Geo Fix

Ensure ALL these Options Are Enabled!

All The Code Are Available For Anyone To Use 

Use of Any Textures belonging to this pack found in others will result in a takedown of your addon

permission to use my textures and sounds can be asked for via my discord Sir_Bowiczz#6279

creator: https://twitter.com/XLitePlayz  


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