What If…? Star Wars in WW2

What if..? star wars in ww2!!! This idea was created by EL SANDO it is about minecraft maps reliving scenes from the Second World War, but what if? this would have happened but in the star wars saga? Welcome to What if ..? star wars in ww2


Hello There!!! I am the sando and I bring you a new map, first of all please subscribe to my channel for much more content and like my videos, now if we start!!!

To start
This map is based on the Bahia Beach you will start in one of these representative boats of the time


as in the second world war you must seize the beach, be careful with the mortar fire

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As you advance on the map you will find an npc droid who will tell you what to do and what mission you have to do to win the battle

In this battle you are not alone, you will fight with the soldiers of the republic, the clone tropers, they will appear in the other war boats, DON’T FORGET THAT YOU CAN TAME THEM WITH BREAD!


battle against the final bosses
As the map progresses, after destroying all the battle droids it is time to defeat the final bosses, be careful and equip yourself very well!




By aadhu

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