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Bedrock Will Smith Slap Meme Addon

Will Smith Slap Meme Addon

Introducing the Will Smith Slap Meme Addon!!!This Addon Added Chris Rock and Will Smith. This Addon is based on the Will Smith Slap Meme. Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the Oscars and that is why the meme was created.


Let’s start now!!

The “Slap” Item:

The Slap Item is where you can slap every single mob in Minecraft just liked how Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock in the Oscars.

You can also insta kill some Minecraft mobs with this item.

Chris Rock:

Chris Rock can pretty much do nothing. He is also weak. 

Now, let’s move on to the main topic (Will Smith)

Will Smith is an hostile mob for some reason. Will Smith is also strong. Will Smith has 100 hearts. 

Will Smith will also attack Chris Rock.  Chris Rock will not fight back. Just like the meme, Will Smith will just not slap Chris Rock, Will Smith will also try to kill him.

Will Smith Slap Meme Addon Gameplay Here:

If you want to make a YouTube video about my addon, credit the addon to me first: @MrSPiRfor1


Turn on these experimental gameplay options to make this Addon work:

creator: https://twitter.com/MrSPiRfor1


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