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Bedrock Wings – by Asian Roofs Team

Wings – by Asian Roofs Team

Wings is an addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It’s a complement to Asian Roofs map or Asian Animals pack. It adds over 150 species, mainly birds that live at least in Asia. All of the animals can fly, glide or have wings. So many realistic mechanics have been implemented with this addon such as complex nesting, mating, and feeding as well as our normal behaviors such as sleeping and gender distinction. There are more than 250 ambient bird sounds that have been individually edited to give you a peaceful and chill gameplay. The addon also adds over 45 blocks and over 50 items and A LOT of knowledge as it offers a huge document of almost 100 pages of information


This addon took a year to make. Not only does it bring a huge amount of animals but it also has brand-new mechanics that are very complex.

You will witness birds that go in trunks to carv a hole and lay their inside instead of just laying the egg in front of you! 

You will some birds pecking the ground in search of worms to bring to their baby and pelican feeding their baby just like in real life.

And have you heard about birds of paradise? These birds that do special courtship dances. Well they are in this addon and you bet they dance. 

So many birds are tameable in this addon by the use of a feather. Tame a bird of prey such as a falcon and a golden eagle and go hunt as a real falconer. This addon even provide you a jess and falconer gauntlets just like in real life!!! And don’t forget to give some treats to your raptor.

And did I say “raptor”? I was refering to raptors as birds of prey but there is also an easter egg of a velociraptor. Find the egg burried in the desert and raise the baby to add it to your pets. That’s not the only easter egg, there are 20 others! Pegasus, Chica, Talonflame, MOTHRA, yes MOTHRA!!! and so many others.

If you prefer to raise a smal and sweet bird, go for a custom parrot or a cockatoo! They can do various tricks and they are so cute! Cockatoo even raise its crest when a monster is nearby and it SCREAMS when a creeper gets nearby, so you will never get surprised anymore!! 

Every animals in this addon have a life development based on real life. You will even be able to witness the different stages of the life of bugs. And if you kill a moth in its pupa stage, you will get silk, OMG SILK!! There is even a sewing machine to craft fashionable outfits and some special carpets. If you prefer to see bugs in bug boxes, craft a bug net and go on a bug catcher journey. The possibilities are endless…

On your journey you will also find some feathers, 121 different feathers to collect.

There are so many things to say about this addon, I will conclude by suggesting that you watch our trailer as it summarize (barely) the content of this addon!! Otherwise, take a look at the document I made, it’s over 100 pages of info and details and a bunch of real life facts. It also provides the recipes of every 50 items and around 45 blocks.

DOCUMENT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v0NVzwZsfmra-IdsDzTYBjZR9Fa7KqbjsI9G6SrzDpQ/




When dowloading, you will get many packs at the same times. Check the document to learn quickly in what order you should place the addon. It’s very important

As a summary, “Asian Animals Pack” have to be activated first. So it will be AT THE BOTTOM of your active packs. Then you add Wings and any of our packs.

Do the smae in Resources and Behaviors. (in behaviors, you will also have to activate “Natural Spawning pack” if you want animals to spawn naturally).

Also activate EVERY EXPERIMENTAL settings or items and blocks won’t be available

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ2AR1KFCGrlACgv7_TYpoA/about



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