WITE What Is This Entity – 1.17.30 Only

This Addon will help you to know and see some stats of an entity like health, Type, Tame items, Items to grow up, an entity icon and more even if it is from another addon Also addon creators can add and register their own entity icons and no need to edit this addon



You need turn on:

-Gametest Framework

-HOLIDAY Creator Features


-Experimental Molang Features

First of all, to enable it you need to type in the chat “+show”

If you wanna turn off type “+hide”

              -How does it work-

Works based on current player face, the range is the next (Restone blocks):

This addon will display some info of the current entity that is in the range of your current face even if it is from another addon (video of example)

Some of them are:

-Type (e.g cow)

-Name (If has one)

-Health (Total and current entity health)

-Color (If has color component)

-TameItem (The name of the item that is necessary to tame this Entity) (can be  a custom item)

-Feed Item (item that is necessary to grow up this Entity) (can be a custom item)

Inventory (Amount of total and available slots)

From (From which addon is this entity)(you can register your own add-on in this stat)

Icon (An image of this Entity) (you can add your own icon for your custom entity)

This addon works in all dimensions



    ///Add-on Creators Section//

(this doesnt work in 1.17.30 due to a bug that has only been fixed in betas)

You can add an icon for your entities and register your addon name directly from your addon resources, just need the next things:

To Display Entity Icons:

-The Eintity ID (The image needs to be called based on the entity id, but only from the colon onwards (E.g “add: blockling” and “add: christmas_snowgolem”)

-You need to create a folder named “WITE”


-To register the add-on name:

-Entity Id (before the colon e.g add:blockling just need add)

Put it in your lang files

Always it is add.(Id).name

It looks like this due the bug (At the moment)

creator: https://twitter.com/Juaneitor11


Click to download



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