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Bedrock Wither Dragon Addon (Wither Devil Expansion)

Wither Dragon Addon (Wither Devil Expansion)

More Stronger than Wither Boss, Ender Dragon, and Wither Elite! This is an another Wither Variant! This Wither Is Holding a Red Wither Star, He’s here to Destroy everything in this Planet! He is Extremely Strong! You Cannot Defeat him easily!


Creator: Inwardwolf61415

YouTube: Inwardwolf Addon Creator Mc and GD

How Does it works?

You Need to Spawn the boss egg first and then Break it using wither Sword!

After That Breaking the boss egg you can see a message that says Boss Battle!

The Boss Has A Battle Theme! You Can hear the music if he Attacks! If you want to listen to the music will just watch the vid below!

——Wither Dragon (Wither Devil)——

Actually he’s name is not Wither Dragon it is Wither Devil but it Changed when he has wings! He is Strong And he is the Wither Supreme Leader of the Wither! The Star That his’s Holding is Symbol of The Victory Of Destroying the Nether And Ender!

•Health 4000
•Attack Damage very high
•Attack Type Range and Splash
•Speed 1.0
•Cannot be KnockBack
•Can See far
•Has animation 
•Can Teleport
•Can Summon Wither Skeletons
•It Will Transform into Second stage if he has a low health!

——Wither Dragon Stage 2——
After Destroying the first one he transform into this! He is also Strong but not as strong as the first one!

•Health 1000
•Attack Damage 60
•Attack Type Melee
•Speed 1.0
•Cannot be KnockBack
•Cannot see far
•Can Summon wither Skeletons
•Cannot Teleport
•Invincible For 1 minute 
•Has animation (only death animation)

For More Information Please Watch this video and also Subscribe to my YouTube channel!


If you’re Gonna use the add-on or you make video of it please Don’t use a Media Fire Link use the Official link or else I’ll Report You!

Credit me if want to.



I changed the some of the pics so that more better!

Some bugs are fixed

Thank you 😊


Click the file to download

Then go to your Minecraft

Then wait until the successfully imported show

Then enjoy

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPQIt3xF1c-YielFlDEY0w



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