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Bedrock Wolf Forever

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Wolf Forever


WOLF FOREVER is an addon that will allow you to interact even more with your wolf and take them to dangerous places without dying. There are also 22 models of kennels for your wolf to rest. The golden bone will give your wolf a lot of strength

there are 22 models of houses for wolves where they will recover their health and be safe from any attack. They can be made on the crafting table. Simply place the house in the place you want, you will have the option to rotate it 45 ° when you like the position, just crouch down and press “place” and the house will be ready to be used 


-Mode hostile / peaceful: You can switch between hostile mode or peaceful mode of your wolf. Crouch down and you will see the button [hostile][peaceful] green means it is activated and red means it is deactivated 



-While your wolf is tamed it will be immortal: when it has health = 0 your wolf will remain unconscious, come close to cure it so that it continues to accompany you 




ITEMS: The following items can be used on tamed and crouching wolves. 

-Golden bone: it is made with gold and a bone and it is used to make your wolf more powerful. Adds regeneration, fire resistance and stamina for 10 minutes. 

-Release wolf: it is made with a bone and a stick, it is used to release your wolf if you think you have too many


¡¡¡¡¡ WARNING!!!!!!!! 

Hostile/peaceful mode will not work on wolves that have been tamed before installing this addon, but releasing the wolf and re-taming it fixes it.


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