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Bedrock Wolverine Claws Addon (super run, jump & regeneration) | Compatible with other Addons

In recent years, the gaming community has seen a variety of add-ons available for popular video game titles. Recently, Bedrock Wolverine Claws Addon has become a widely discussed topic due to its incredible features. This add-on is compatible with other add-ons and can provide gamers with an enhanced gaming experience.

The Bedrock Wolverine Claw Addon offers gamers the opportunity to explore new worlds and challenge themselves with high-quality gaming experiences. The add-on is designed to accommodate a variety of game genres, enabling gamers to unlock their full potential. Additionally, the Wolverine Claw Addon can provide gamers with extended abilities, like super running, jumping and regenerating, which further increase their gaming capabilities.

Moreover, being compatible with other add-ons, the Wolverine Claw Addon enhances them providing a better overall gaming experience. Compatible titles include Fortnite, Call of Duty, and various others, allowing gamers to enjoy the advantages of the Wolverine Claw Addon whether they are playing a shooter, adventure game, or even a platformer. Additionally, the compatibility allows gamers to have smooth transitions between the add-ons, allowing them to experience their favorite games in a completely new way.

To conclude, the Bedrock Wolverine Claw Addon is an incredibly useful add-on that can significantly improve gamers’ gaming experience. With its compatibility with other add-ons, gamers have the ability to explore new worlds, engage in immersive battles and benefit from extended abilities. Considering all its advantages, the Wolverine Claw Addon can revolutionize gameplay, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for all gamers out there.

Wolverine Claws Addon (super run, jump & regeneration) | Compatible with other Addons


The Wolverine, is a fictional character in Marvel University. Wolverine has a long claws from his bone which is his main weapon on combats. Wolverine’s special abilities include super strength, immediately regenerating health and his super sharp steel claws.

Creator: @keyyard [Youtube][Discord Server]


  • Please direct the link , not your personal links & credit the creator.
  • Compatible with other addons!


Different from the Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, Wolverine Claws has a very rapid attack style and focus more on short combats. Wolverine Claws has a hunting mode to get yourself positive buff.

Basic Attacks:

  • 10 basic attack damages
  • enchantable with Sword’s enchantments

Ability (20s cooldown):

  • Resistance I effect for 1 minute
  • Jump Boost III for 1 minute
  • Speed III for 1 minute
  • Super Regeneration for 10 seconds

How to obtain it?

You can only get it via creative inventory or command for now. Comment below your crafting recipe to get a shoutout if it was used!

Preview Video:





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