Wood Cutter (v1.0)

This mod will add more useful and convenient recipes for wood type blocks. Using the woodcutter, you can make any block out of single log or wood, like planks, doors, or slabs.


Wood Cutter



Video showcase:

Wood Cutter is a crafting block specializes in crafting any wood type block. Using a single log, wood, or planks, any possible recipes can be cut out. This mod can be used as an alternative crafting table to craft wood. This can be useful in game or survival.


Wood Cutter Recipe: It can be crafted by any wood type block, but not include stem hyphae.


Recipe List:

  • Oak Log:
  • Stripped Oak Log:
  • Oak Wood:
  • Stripped Oak Wood:
  • Oak Planks:
  • Spruce Log:
  • Stripped Spruce Log:
  • Spruce Wood:
  • Stripped Spruce Wood:
  • Spruce Planks:
  • Birch Log:
  • Stripped Birch Log:
  • Birch Wood:
  • Stripped Birch Wood:
  • Birch Planks:
  • Jungle Log:
  • Stripped Jungle Log:
  • Jungle Wood:
  • Stripped Jungle Wood:
  • Jungle Planks:
  • Acacia Log:
  • Stripped Acacia Log:
  • Acacia Wood:
  • Stripped Acacia Wood:
  • Acacia Planks:
  • Dark Oak Log:
  • Stripped Dark Oak Log:
  • Dark Oak Wood:
  • Stripped Dark Oak Wood:
  • Dark Oak Planks:
  • Crimson Stem:
  • Stripped Crimson Stem:
  • Crimson Hyphae:
  • Stripped Crimson Hyphae:
  • Crimson Planks:
  • Warped Stem:
  • Stripped Warped Stem:
  • Warped Hyphae:
  • Stripped Warped Hyphae:
  • Warped Planks:


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I forget some details:

  • Added the video showcase
  • Added the experimental toggle image.


Download Guide:

1. Click the download option below “Wood Cutter (v1.0)”.

2. just click the “Click here to continue” below. This will go you through Linkvertise site.

3. Verify  that you are not a robot by checking the mark box “I’m not a robot”.

4. Find & click the “Free Access with Ads”.

5. Click the “Discover interesting articles”, ads will pop-up. Wait for 10 seconds and then click the “X” button above.

6. After that, click the “Continue” button, this will processed you to Mediafire Site.

7. In Mediafire, click the download button to download the file.


Don’t forget to turn on the “Holiday Creator Features” in the experimental gameplay option:




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