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Bedrock WorldEdit Addon (With Selections, Brushes, and Histories)

WorldEdit Addon (With Selections, Brushes, and Histories)

The WorldEdit Addon allows you to do with Bedrock Edition what you can do with WorldEdit(Java Edition).

With the tool obtained by “!wand”, a left-click (tap) you can set pos1 at the position of the pressed block. Likewise, a right-click (use) you can set pos2.

Right-clicking on the tool set by the “!brush” command, you can create an object(such as a sphere) centred on the nearest block in front of you.

The created object can be redone up to 15 times with the History command(!undo, !redo).

The vertical cylinder and sphere are exactly the same shape, since they were created using the WorldEdit (Java Edition) source code as a reference.

Multiplayer is supported.


You can execute commands in the in-game chat.



Add the tag “worldedit” to yours.

/tag @s add worldedit


!cyl stone 30 10

We were able to create a vertical cylinder with a radius of 30 blocks and a height of 10 blocks.


!cyl -h stone 10 (-h can be anywhere after cyl) or !hcyl stone 10

We were able to create a hollow vertical cylinder with a radius of 10 blocks and a height of 1 block.


Please have a items.

I will try to do it with a wooden sword.

!brush sphere stained_glass[color=light_blue],concrete[color=light_blue] 6

Right-click (use) the wooden sword.

A sphere with stained_glass[color=light_blue](light blue stained glass) and concrete[color=light_blue](light blue concrete) randomly placed in front of you has been generated.

Brushes are set for each items, so you can set as many as you like.


Set the position with the wand or pos1, pos2 commands.

Left-click (tap) with “Wand” in hand


!overlay red_flower[flower_type=poppy],red_flower[flower_type=oxeye],air,air,air,air,air,air,air,air

In this way, you can set the probability that nothing will be place.

Also, since it is an overlay, the specified block will be placed on top of the top block in the range.



I was able to undo what I had previously created


I was able to redo the undo.



  • help
  • cyl [-h] [height]
  • hcyl [height]
  • sphere [-h]
  • hsphere
  • br
  • brush
  • wand
  • pos1
  • pos2
  • desel
  • deselect
  • set
  • overlay
  • replace [to]
  • undo [times] [player]
  • redo [times] [player]
  • clearhistory


WorldEdit Addon Q&A

This Addon uses WorldEdit(Java Edition) source code, is it OK?

This Addon itself is entirely my own work.

I manually converted some of the WorldEdit(Java Edition) source code from Java to JavaScript and used it, but the WorldEdit(Java Edition) website says, “You are free to include WorldEdit, without having to asking for explicit permission. ” It states.


So it is not a problem.


How to find out the properties and values of a pattern?

Let’s examine a stone to try it out.

!cyl stone[?=?] 0 0

We found that the stone properties are stone_type.

Change to the correct property.

!cyl stone[stone_type=?] 0 0

We found that the stone values are stone,granite,granite_smooth,diorite,diorite_smooth,andesite,andesite_smooth.

When setting multiple properties, use “;” instead of “,” to separate them.

  • × block[property1=value1,property2=value2]
  • ○ block[property1=value1;property2=value2]


Can I even save the items of the chest in the history?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this stage.


Changed blockId to pattern(concrete:0 to concrete[color=white]).

Improved accuracy and distance when examining the block in front of you with a brush.


  1. Download WorldEdit Addon(Need to see ads on Linkvertise)
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Enable “Holiday Creator Features” and “GameTest Framework” in world settings
  4. in the in-game chat, type “!help” and if the command list is displayed, you have succeeded

creator: https://twitter.com/SSShobon



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