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The squeal to the popular World Fabricator add-on. Sculpt large terrain, easily copy and edit buildings with simple commands and much more, all with the new and improved World Fabricator 2



This add-on is inspired by the popular World Edit add-on available for Java, and aims to bring over a lot of those features and to add more features on top of that. You can start off by doing !help to get a list of all the commands and how to use them.

Custom Commands

This whole add-on is powered by custom commands. There are commands like !brush, !genShape !copy and more! To make a andesite brush painting over dirt and grass, you could do “!brush ball 8 stone 5 [dirt grass]”. You can check out the video to see them all in action.


The Brush Tool

This tool allows you to create custom brushes that you can easily use to paint and sculpt large areas of terrain. It includes multiple brush sizes, shapes and also has a masking feature that allows you to only paint over certain block types. You can also use quick commands like !size or !block to edit an existing brush


This is a sub part of the brush tool. You can add a mask to target one or more block types and only replace them. This can be used to paint over terrain or build areas.

Texture Painting

By creating a !pattern brush, the brush will randomly place blocks in a specified radius around where you are aiming. All of the commands from !brush can be used here as well, except !shape that changes the brush shape.

Generate Shapes

The !genShape command, lets you generate custom shapes that you can use as a base when building. You can generate cones, spheres, cylinders and cubes, all with whatever sizes you want.


This is a feature that allows you to select area and then run certain commands in that area. Some commands include copying, clearing, rotating and changing out blocks!


Enable Holiday Creator Features as well as GameTest Framework. Unfortunately at the moment GameTest is not supported on consoles, although that will change in the future

creator: https://twitter.com/TheGoggledGecko


The download page for World Fabricator 2 has been updated


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