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Bedrock WW2 British Army Uniform

[3D] WW2 British Army Uniform

This is a large uniform pack based on WW2 British Army Uniforms, which covers a large range of ranks. It has all been 3D Modelled and can be worn as normal Minecraft Armor. 



In this pack, the ranks range from:
 – Private
 – Lance Corporal
 – Corporal
 – Sergeant
 – Staff Sergeant
 – Master Sergeant
 – 2nd Lieutenant
 – Lieutenant
 – Captain
 – Major
 – Lieutenant Colonel
 – Colonel

Pictures of the Uniforms:

Enlisted Helmet:

Enlisted Chestplate:

Officer Beret:

Officer Cap:

Officer Chestplate:

Pictures of the Uniform in-game:

Modelled By: Co1byJ98#0101
Coded By: 9a_r#3064
Made for: C.reed

creator: Zev Studios


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