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Bedrock XP Orb Desync Patch

XP Orb Desync Patch

Tired of experience orbs following you around and not getting picked up? Want to see them actually move in a water current like they used to? This add-on works around a very old and annoying bug in the game so that you can see where experience orbs really are.


This add-on creates a visible XP orb look-alike that follows server-side XP orbs, and makes client-side XP orbs invisible. This can help with normal gameplay and also with designing and testing builds that deliver XP-orbs to a specific location or need to manage where they end up.

In the video below I explain the bugs with experience orb desyncing and how the pack works around them.


Vote for Mojang to fix the XP desyncing bugs here:



The addon also patches other XP orb bugs from vanilla Minecraft: their slow speed in falling water and bubble columns, their ability to push mobs, and a render offset. You can read about those bugs on these reports:





Thanks to SirLich and the Bedrock Addons Discord where I was able to discuss and find solutions to some issues while making this pack. I used a custom billboard animation from DeepStick, FriedButter.


  1. Dowloand the add-on file and import it to Minecraft.
  2. Apply the behavior pack to your world. It will apply the resource pack automatically.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcrW5iYh_4Z2pXZwu-vFUkw


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