XPiggy Bank Add-on (1.18)

This add-on allows you to turn your XP Level into a block by converting a Block of Amethyst using an XPiggy Bank. These blocks can be interacted with by anyone and gain the full amount of level they store. This add-on is very survival friendly as it uses purely vanilla ingredients.


XPiggy Bank

This is the block that allows you to convert Blocks of Amethyst into a Blocks of Collected XP. The direction of this block will depend where you point.


All you need are 3 Planks of one color and a cauldron in a crafting table.

Cost Selection

You need to sneak and interact with the block to change the cost from 10 to 100 XP levels.

Converting XP to Blocks

Simply interact with the XPiggy bank with a Block of Amethyst.


  • If you have enough XP for the cost, your amethyst block will be converted into a Block of Collected XP of that value.
  • If you have insufficient XP for the cost, it will break your Block of Amethyst into 4 Shards.


XP Blocks

This block will glow and breaking time will depend on how much XP it stores.

DO NOT BREAK THEM – they won’t yield any XP from breaking so be careful.

Interact with this block to gain the XP it stores.

Video Tutorial



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creator: https://twitter.com/real_cr21


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