Your Cat Loves You More (Better Gifts)

Cats are lovely pets that enjoy spending time with you so much that they even offer you gifts in the morning. However, if we are being honest those gifts aren’t that good(Sorry Mr.Whiskers, its the truth), and they only give you gifts sometimes. So this Addon will allow your cats to really show how much they love you by giving you more gifts, with more value, and more often! They will even have a new special inventory just for you, to hold your items or help you transport them. 



General Gift function:

To get a gift from your cat you first have to tame it, then you must have your cat near you while you go to sleep. However your cat must be able to walk to your bed to lay down, so don’t sit down your cat. You should be able to see your cat laying by your feet as you go to asleep, this means that everything is working and you will get a gift the next morning. (again, make sure its not sitting down)

Old Gift System:

The old vanilla gift system does a good job at including cat themed gifts, but besides that there isn’t that much to it. They’re usually not even worth trying to get. These are the items, percentage chance(rounded), and amount of what your cat could give you in the past:

  • Rabbit’s foot: 16% (1 item)
  • Rabbit’s hide: 16% (1 item)
  • String: 16% (1 item)
  • Rotten flesh: 16% (1 item)
  • Feather: 16% (1 item)
  • Raw Chicken: 16% (1 item)
  • Phantom membrane: 3% (1 item)

Your cat would only give you one single item and only had a 70% chance of giving you anything at all for the night. That’s not too fun.

New Gift system:

The new gift system includes a bigger selection of items, with higher quantities, they’re more valuable and you get a gift 100% of nights, not 70%.  The list might seem a little OP at first, but keep in mind Minecraft days are 10 full minutes of hard work, so you deserve to have a nice little surprise in-between days. 


 I actually suggest playing this addon without looking too much into the following list, so it makes it even more of a surprise. (and you already know the purpose of the addon) However, even if you know the list, you never know what you will get so its still very fun (and helpful) to see what the end of the day has for you. For educational purposes, here is what your cat might gift you:

  • Iron ingot: 5% (5-20 items)
  • Gold ingot: 5% (5-20 items)
  • Copper ingot: 5% (5-30 items)
  • Redstone: 5% (5-15 items)
  • Lapis: 5% (5-15 items)
  • Emeralds: 5% (5-30 items)
  • Quarts: 5% (5-30 items)
  • Coal: 5% (5-30 items)
  • Diamonds: 5% (1-4 items)
  • Netherite scrap: 5% (1 item)
  • Cookies: 5% (5-12 items)
  • Pumpkin pie: 5% (5-12 items)
  • Cake: 5% (1 item)
  • Record “Cat”: 5% (1 item)
  • Name tag: 5% (1 item)
  • Totem: 5% (1 item)
  • Golden Enchanted Apple: 5% (1 item)
  • Experience Bottle: 5% (5-30 items)
  • Potion: 5% (1 item, any kind)
  • Enchanted book: 5% (1 item, any enchantments)

Here is a draft example of what my cat gave me through 27 nights. You will get the same type of items but with higher amounts (as per the previous list)

Special Inventory just for you:

After you tame a cat you will be able to sit on top of them so you can access their private inventory. Their inventory is only visible to their owner, and no one else can see it, put in items, or take them away. (similar to an ender chest) You can even store your cat’s gifts with them to keep track of what they give you, or add items and they will follow you for easy transport (like chested animals, but with more spaces). However, if your cat passes away, it will drop all the items it was holding. So they aren’t secured like ender chests, they’re just for privacy and transportation. Since interacting with cats now makes you sit on them, you might have to crouch and then interact in order to sit them down.


You may review, make videos, share, play with friends, use in realms/public worlds, be inspired, or do anything you want with this addon as long as you always give proper credit(don’t steal) and always use this link only. Never use another link or make your own!

  1. Changed cover photo to be more descriptive and in-game minecraft accurate. (No more real life photos included)


  1. Click on link
  2. follow instructions
  3. wait 5 seconds
  4. click “free access”
  5. download, and enjoy!

This addon only changes behaviors, not textures. So you only need the Behavior Pack (BP) attached and you can use whatever resource pack you want.


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