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Bedrock Zombie Apocalypse Modpack

Zombie Apocalypse Modpack

This modpack adds hundreds of new items, dozens of new monsters, and hundreds of structures. This is a difficult modpack and you will likely die often while playing it. There are many upgrades you can add to your character like baubles, heart containers, and new weapons and armor.


Vatonage Addons:

  • Nether Expansion
  • Tinker’s Awakening
  • Magic
  • Blood Magic
  • More TNT
  • More Biomes
  • Infinite Dungeons
  • Draconic Evolution
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Mineral Seeds
  • Item Exchange
  • Chickens
  • Ore Trees
  • Survival Guns
  • Baubles
  • Android Infusion
  • More Structures
  • Advanced Machinery
  • Weapon Cases
  • Loot Bags
  • Lucky Blocks
  • Ore Randomizer(20 recommended)
  • Heart Containers(put at top of addon list)

Recommended Addons to Add:

  • Auto Crafters
  • Bot-Topia
  • Dungeon Expanse
  • Miner’s Dream
  • More Gear
  • Miner’s Dream
  • Crazy Weapons
  • Crazy Tools
  • Chisel
  • Nether Plus
  • Mutant Creatures
  • Enderite
  • Mythological Creatures
  • Apples
  • More Structures
  • Dungeon Craft
  • World Stars
  • More Generators
  • More Food
  • Mecha Craft
  • Advanced Machinery Expansion
  • Blasters
  • Ritual Magic(old addon)



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