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Bedrock Zombies Transformation

Zombies Transformation


It is an Addon that is in beta phase and for the next update I am thinking of adding a skin variant to the zombie. Before I want you to know that with this Addon the zombie will no longer become drowned, because I had to sacrifice that function to be able to make the zombie transform into a human, be careful, only the normal zombie is the one that can be transformed into a human, the rest cannot , maybe for the next update I managed to add the two functions.

To turn a zombie into a human you have to do the same thing we do to turn a zombie villager into a normal villager, give him a position of weakness and a golden apple.

What the human can do is attack the monsters and you can equip them with weapons and armor and can even use a sword and bow

Humans can be used to defend a specific property or area from entities, but you do have to be careful not to drop a valuable object or sword such as a diamond sword enchanted to the maximum in front of the human, because it can be stolen from you and you will have to kill it. or leave him alive with the sword.

creator: Camilo jose




It is not necessary to activate the experimental mode of the game.


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