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Beforecraft Addon – MCPE AddOns

Humans once existed in Minecraft, and now they’ve returned to combat evil once more! Beforecraft is a Minecraft plugin that adds diverse armies to help you face new enemies in your world.

Cre: Thunderhit (Youtube)

Beforecraft Addon

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Para los parientes de habla hispana pongan al traductor, gracias 😉 

Humans are gaining a little more each time over the forces of the nether, owing to technology inherited from their forefathers, but not all is wonderful since, despite everything, humans are ambitious and crave power, which is why a proxy civil war is erupting. The O faction has returned from oblivion to aid the other factions, but they will retaliate violently if they are injured.

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All you have to do now is activate the game’s resources! The behaviors will be implemented automatically, which means you may earn achievements in your Minecraft world using this add-on!


You must develop a base to raise troops and combat the enemy in order to fight the cursed souls of ancient conflicts.

To do so, summon a buldier to assist you in establishing a foundation from which you can begin building your troops.

Beforecraft Addon

To summon the builder, throw the summoning pearl on the floor after you have it.

Beforecraft Addon

Now is the time to begin developing your army, but first you must have a location where your neutral units will be housed, as they, like villagers, require rest. For this, you will need 4 to 5 beds.

Beforecraft Addon

After that, speak with the builder to have him offer you a bell in exchange for resources; once you have it, set it near the beds, and you will have constructed a little village to begin your army; although, you may doubt if this is required. Not fully, since your troops will adopt this town as their home, and your soldiers will defend your base and neutral units. You can also perform this in an existing village, since your units will adopt this village as their home.

Beforecraft Addon

UNITS (Buff) 

Your units will be the major source of income and defense for your base.

You must feed any form of cooked meat to the attack units in order for them to follow you.

Beforecraft Addon

Buldier: This unit gives you buildings in exchange for materials for their construction, and it also repairs the ruins of the buildings if they are detected in its field of vision.

Miner: in exchange for cooked meat, he will mine for a minute, then engage with him to obtain gold, diamonds, and coal.

Hunter: in exchange for a block of gold, he will deliver you raw meat as a consequence of his hunt; the process will take about 5 seconds.

Undertaker: This unit will dispose of the corpses left behind by your defeated troops, preventing them from becoming zombies.

Except for the hunter, each of these units has 20 health and will not defend against enemies.

S Units (New additions) 

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon

Cannon: 70 health – fires cannon rounds that explode when they make contact.

Swordsman: 50 health, 6 attack, equipped with an iron sword is a weak unit on its own, but in groups they will be fatal.

Banner S: Health 52 – bears the banner of your faction.

Acher has 50 health and shoots arrows at a steady rate.

Crossbow: 70 HP – fires long arrows that do a lot of damage when they hit something.

A unit with tremendous damage and a powerful area strike, the Mutant Warrior has 500 health.

Captain: 150 health – a powerful unit with diamond weaponry

Expert Marksman: 150 health – fires arrows with lightning speed

Ram has 100 HP and is capable of penetrating both the Overlord’s and the Nether’s rock in order to destroy the enemy’s defenses.

Catapult: 100 health – launches rocks that cause significant damage to adversaries, as well as damaging defenses.

Mechanic: 600 health, high damage, and a devastating ground hit that blows up adversaries

Hwacha: 70 health – fires 10 missiles in a single burst, ideal for fending off massive waves of foes.

Flamethrower: 70 HP – a powerful but dangerous weapon, keep it away from burning structures lol.

Elite S: 100 health – possesses the capacity to take no harm for a short period of time while in fight.

The thorns on the front of the wagon will injure anyone who approaches it, and the rear wagon has two archers and two musketeers.

Musketeer: 60 health, shoots every two seconds, and may only be obtained from war wagons or ships.

A captain, three swordsmen, three musketeers, and a cannon at the front make up the crew of the ship, which has a health rating of 200.

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W Units

Beforecraft Addon

His spear is poisoned and has a health of 55.

Captain W has a health rating of 130 since his diamond equipment is poisoned.

Banner W: 52 health – both sickles do a lot of damage.

Espadachin W has 70 health and will not retaliate if his shield is damaged.

Bludgeon has 65 health and his poisoned deck does a lot of damage.

A Units (New additions)

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 52
Beforecraft Addon

Hammer: 55 HP – does a lot of damage and slows down your opponent.

Banner A: Health 52 – his attack causes the enemy to slow down.

Rider’s horse’s health is 20, while the soldier’s is 50, and they charge at the enemy with incredible speed.

Rider C has a horse health of 20 and a rider health of 130, and his strike slows the enemy.

Heavy Swordsman: 80 HP – does a lot of damage and can withstand a lot of attacks because to his increased armor.

Wagon: 100 health – features a rider spearman with a considerable attack range, making it ideal for dealing with big groups of foes.

H Units

Beforecraft Addon

Bludgeon H: 67 health – Poison deals a lot of damage.

Swordsman H has 75 HP and ignores harm by poisoning its prey.

Flag H: Health 54 is the faction H’s banner.

Captain H has a health of 155 and poisons the adversary with his damage.

Elite H: 110 health – an elite unit that provides significant damage and does not recoil from harm.

Spear H: 57 health – his poisonous spear does a lot of damage.

Archer H has 52 health and is capable of shooting two arrows in a row.

Summoner H (60 health) summons 5 swordsmen onto the battlefield once a reasonable amount of time has passed.

O Units

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 53

Shogun (150 health) is the captain of all factions who deals the most damage and weakens adversaries with his strikes.

Samurai: 100 health – has a double attack and does not flinch when hit; his attacks also weaken the enemy.

Spear O: 32 health – after a set amount of time, it will launch many bombs at the opponent while also providing fire resistance to friends and the player.

Swordsman O has a health of 30 and is highly powerful, as well as weakening the enemy with his blows.

Archer O has a health of 30 and can shoot arrows at a high rate.

Mortar: 80 health – shoots curved cannonballs that are efficient against units at high heights.

Elite Units

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 54
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 55

Angels have 40 HP and can heal adjacent units as well as revive the corpses of slain units.

A formidable wizard with three fire charges in a row, Wizard Boss has 100 health.

Captain Elite has 50 health and can summon mutant troops to the battleground.

Summoner has 60 health and may summon a variety of swordsmen onto the battlefield.

Cleric: 65 health – may transform weak souls into reformed souls that will battle for you for two minutes before resting in peace.


Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon

BUILDINGS (New additions) 

Able to provide you with units in exchange for resources

Base (New additions)

Beforecraft Addon

It will summon a builder, a miner, and a hunter once it has been installed, and it can also give neutral units in return for money and diamonds.

A ruin of the building now has a low chance of spawning in plains biomes.

Barracks S

Beforecraft Addon

It will generate a squad of S units after 2 minutes, and it can also give S units in return for gold.

Barracks W

Beforecraft Addon

After 1 minute it will generate a platoon of W units, you can also exchange gold to obtain W units

Barracks A

Beforecraft Addon

It will generate a platoon of A units after 1 minute, and you can also exchange gold for A units.

Barracks H

Beforecraft Addon

Because the H faction is extremely isolated and does not seek the assistance of magicians, its headquarters provide angels, builders, hunters, miners, and summoners in addition to their own fighting forces. It will call a miner and a hunter after 5 seconds, and a squad of H units after 100 seconds.

Barracks O

Beforecraft Addon

It will generate a squad of S units after 2 minutes, and it can also give S units in return for gold.

Arcane Tower

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 56

After 1 minute it generates an angel, you can also exchange diamonds to obtain elite units and heroes, it has the characteristic of giving the effect of weakness to nearby enemies


When this structure is placed, a ship will arrive after 10 seconds, and this ability will recharge after 10 minutes.

Beforecraft Addon


Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 57

will damage nearby enemies


In case you want to rotate your buildings use the rotator that you can get from the builder for a few wooden sticks

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 58

Place the rotator no closer than 4 blocks from the hitbox of larger buildings, or as close as possible to where it may damage the building, so that it can detect the rotator and turn its position.

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 59


Pirate Buoy

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 60
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 61
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 62

After 20 seconds of being spotted, this buoy will summon a pirate ship; this ability recharges every 10 minutes, summoning two more ships; if it is destroyed, it will summon some pirates.


Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 63

Once the tavern spawns or you find it throughout the plains, it will spawn a big group of bandits; also, new groups of four bandits spawn every three minutes.

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 64

These bandits can work for you if you give them a sign of being worthy of their respect, you must give them any type of mob skull to be at your service, perfect for making stealth attacks on other players. Be careful with this structure, as many gangs of these malefactors appear with it. They have the ability to blind whoever they attack, and become invisible for a time. The bandit captains have the ability to rebuild the ruins of the taverns.

Even so, both villagers and other monsters will be hostile to these outlaws.

ENEMY (New additions)

They are quite strong and merciless, and the vast majority of them reside in the nether. If you want to visit this dimension, you must be prepared.

Only the nether heralds will come at night, and they will be predominantly in the Soulsand Valley.

Guardians now spawn at nether portals

Nether cracks will arise along the plains biome, allowing entry to our world; if you manage to smash it, be prepared to face four nether defenders.

Nether Boss

If you’re unlucky, he’ll arrive in the Soulsand Valley, although he has a low chance of arriving. The commander of the formidable Nether army, with 1000 health and 45 damage, will destroy numerous soldiers with just one hit.

If you try to run before it defeats you, you must do so fast, because it will activate its long-range power, which will send an endless barrage of fireballs similar to those only the Ghast can throw.

In melee combat, the Nether Boss will now roar every 20 seconds; if it discovers multiple targets, it will roar multiple times. Approach it with caution, as roaring deals 50 area damage!


Better styling of the bodies, possibly armor will be added in a future release (probably the final one), the combat is not ended, be careful out there.

Stay tuned to our channel for the Beforecraft series if you want to learn more about the history of Beforecraft and what happened to humanity in Minecraft.

Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 65
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon 66
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon
Beforecraft Addon

The behaviors, geometry, animations, and characters of Nightmare, HIT, Redbone, and Black Butterfly are the property of “Thunder Light Production.” You may use this Addon for personal use only; you may not trade with it. Several of the skins in this Addon are from minecraft pages that offer skins to users for free. Thank you very much, and have fun with Beforecraft!


  • Faction O added
  • Pirates on the seas
  • Reclaimed technology
  • Added Nether Spiders
  • A great battle is about to begin…
Beforecraft Addon

Download Beforecraft Addon (Recursos en Español)

Download Beforecraft Addon (English Resources) or FILE DRIVE

Beforecraft Behavior Addon or FILE DRIVE

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