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Best toolbox for Minecraft: AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE (all versions) – MCPE AddOns

When it comes to playing the popular game Minecraft, AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE (all versions), commonly referred to as MCPE AddOns, is the best toolbox for the discerning gamer. MCPE Addons provides players with a simple and intuitive way to modify the textures, behaviors, and appearances of in-game custom content such as mobs, items and blocks.

With MCPE AddOns, players are able to easily and quickly create custom content that is tailored to their needs. They can make unique items, blocks, and mobs to customize their gaming experience.

MCPE AddOns also offers a wide selection of tutorials and guides, which makes it easy for players to get up to speed with the features and capabilities of its toolbox. Not only can these learning resources assist with the modification process but also enable users to use MCPE AddOns more efficiently and intuitively.

Similarly, MCPE AddOns packs in a variety of features and functions that make the custom content creation process a breeze. This includes crafting guide, texture aplicacion, and custom content creation. In addition, players are also able to preview their creations in the game using the in-game preview mode to see exactly how their content looks and behaves.

Overall, MCPE AddOns is the best toolbox for Minecraft players who wish to customize their gaming experience with custom content. With its robust suite of features and learning resources, gamers are able to quickly and easily create custom content in no time.

If you are looking for an old version of Addons Maker, this post will gather the 20 most recent versions for you to choose from!

Creator: Gemma

AddOns Maker versions

Versions Information Download
1 2.10.1 Size 77.5M, 05/12/2022 ✓  Improve performance & Fix bugs
✓  Fix Water Fog
2 2.9.7 Size 77.2M, 22/04/2022 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
3 2.9.5 Size 77.2M, 19/04/2022 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
4 2.9.3 Size 77M, 29/03/2022 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
5 2.9.2 Size 77M, 17/03/2022 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs Addons Maker
✓ Add Smithing Table
6 2.9.1 Size 77.2M, 11/03/2022 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
✓ Add minecraft:flocking allows entities to flock in groups in water or not
✓ Add Fence, Gate
✓ Add Knockback Roar
✓ Now you can load Per-face UV model
7 2.9.0 Size 75.9M, 09/03/2022 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
✓ Add Fence, Gate
✓ Add Knockback Roar
✓ Now you can load Perface-UV model
8 2.8.9 Size 75.1M, 18/02/2022 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
✓ Add Dragon from Zhaharah
9 2.8.7 Size 76.1M, 04/01/2022 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
✓ Add Mech from Jemil Jefri
10 2.8.6 Size 76.1M, 31/12/2021 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
✓ Update may_attach_to for pumpkin(single_block_feature)
✓ Fix the sound in projectile
✓ Add Custom Shield
11 2.8.5 Size 76M, 11/12/2021 ✓ Improve performance & Fix bugs
✓ Add height filter for spawn rules
12 2.8.4 Size 75.9M, 11/12/2021 ✓ Improvement and bug fix
13 2.8.3 Size 75.9M, 08/12/2021 ✓ Improvement and bug fix

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