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This is an add-on which implements 13 brand-new mobs to the game. The mobs include everything from sea creatures such as the Angler Fish and Swordfish to mobs which live on land such as the Skeleton Cat. It’s a great addition to the game if you want to experience something completely new in Minecraft!

oCreator: billeyzambie


  • Health: 11.5 hearts
  • Damage: 5 hearts + poison for 30 seconds
  • Attacks: cod, salmon, tropical fish pizzafish and monsters, neutral to players
  • Spawns in oceans, most commonly in deep ones
  • Drops: cod, salmon, bones or a new item called the Anger’s Light that does nothing
  • Has 6 variants and 1 rare golden variant that drops precious things
  • Its light glows in the dark and looks cool underwater


  • Health: 20 hearts
  • Damage: 6 hearts + poison for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: anglerfishes, pizzafishes, cods and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: 0-4 swordfish fillets and 2 of these
    • Swordfish Fin
    • Swordfish Tail
    • Swordfish Stick
    • Raw Cod
    • Raw Salmon
    • An extra swordfish fillet
  • Spawns in oceans


  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Damage: 2.5 hearts + slowness for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: cods, pizzafishes and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: 0-3 Picklepet Fertilizer
  • Spawns in oceans


  • Health: 60 hearts
  • Attack damage: 8.5 hearts
  • Attacks: Every 10 minutes it gets hungry for 1 minute then it’s not hungry again for 10 minutes and this keeps happening, when it’s hungry it attacks:
    • anglerfishes, pizzafishes, sharks, cods and monsters, neutral to players
  • Spawns in oceans, mostly cold ones
  • Rideable and leashable but not controllable when tamed 

Zombie Cat

  • Wild:
    • Health: 4 hearts
    • Damage: 2 hearts
    • Attacks: Cats(cats also attack zombie cats) and players(sometimes)
    • Spawns in jungle nights
    • burns in daylight
    • tameable with fish or strings
  • Tamed:
    • Health: 10 hearts
    • Completely peaceful with normal cats
    • brings you cool cave stuff when you wake up(kinda overpowered, will fix soon)

Skeleton Cat

Similar as the Zombie Cat but it’s tameable with Netherwart and brings you random Nether items when you wake up. It’s also neutral to players but sometimes an aggressive skeleton cat spawns in its place which attacks players and normal cats. Dyeable.


  • 3 hearts health
  • Spawns in plains and flower forests
  • Poops every 10-20 minutes
  • 0 fall damage
  • Randomly bites the floor
  • Switches between walk and fly mode
  • Wild
    • Tameable with seeds, bread and carrots
    • Runs away from players
  • Tamed
    • Doesn’t fly
    • Healable with seeds, bread and carrots
  • Poop stain
    • Cleanable by hitting it
    • Drops bone meal


  • 5 hearts health
  • Shearable
  • Drops 2-5 pieces of pizza when it’s not eaten
  • You can put a piece of pizza back on an eaten pizzafish
  • Friendly to everything expect monsters
  • Other fish eat it piece by piece
  • Spawns in coral reefs

Great White Shark

  • Health: 35 hearts
  • Spawns in oceans
  • 7.5 hearts attack damage
  • Damage: 6 hearts + poison for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: anglerfishes, mercats, swordfishes, pizzafishes, cods and monsters
  • Drops: cod and bones
  • Spawns in oceans
  • Three personalities
    • Shy: fears players, 25% chance
    • Hostile: attacks players, 25% chance
    • Neutral: neutral to players, 50% chance


  • Wild:
    • Health: 8 hearts
    • Damage: 2 hearts
    • Attacks: Cats(cats also attack endercats) and players(sometimes)
    • Spawns in jungle nights and in the End
    • Randomly teleports
    • Tameable with chorus fruit
  • Tamed:
    • Health: 16 hearts
    • Completely peaceful with normal cats
    • Brings you random End items when you wake up


  • Spawns in coral reefs
  • Attacks drowned and pizzafishes
  • Eats most of sea items except sea pickles
  • Can detect targets from even farther away as it grows up
  • Tameable with the stuff it eats
  • Level it up by feeding it or by waiting
  • Can instantly transition to the next level using picklepet fertilizer, using it on an adult one will make it shake and spawn an untamed baby picklepet that can be tamed instantly using picklepet fertilizer
  • Looks cool underwater when it’s dark
    • Adult ones don’t need to be underwater
  • Level 1
    • 2 hearts health
    • 0.5 hearts attack damage
    • Can survive out of water for only 15 seconds
  • Leve l2
    • 4 hearts health
    • 1.5 hearts attack damage
    • Lays a pickle every 10-20 mins
    • Can survive out of water for 10 mins
    • Drops some sea stuff
  • Level 3
    • 8 hearts health
    • 3.5 hearts attack damage
    • Can breathe both water and air
    • Lays a pickle every 5-10 mins
    • Breedable

Angel cats

  • The angel cat has two main variants, the normal one and the end one
  • Angel cat
    • Scares phantoms, spiders, creepers and hostile cats
    • Drops phantom membranes
    • Tameable with fish
    • Has all vanilla cat variants
    • When it’s wild it will spawn in still mode for 15-40 seconds or until something hits it
    • When it leaves still mode it’ll fly for 3-5 mins.
    • Spawns in jungles
  • End angel cat
    • Shoots shulker bullets to mobs that fear angel cats(only when it’s standing)
    • Spawns in the End and jungle nights
    • Teleports randomly
    • Tameable with chorus fruit instead of fish


  • 3 hearts health
  • 2 variants
  • Open their mouths when they quack
  • Randomly switch between water and land mode
  • Randomly stand up and flap their wings
  • Spawn in swamps
  • Can be bred, healed, tamed and grown up, using seeds or carrots
  • Look a bit better in game than in the picture

Angel Pig

  • 15 hearts health wild, 20 hearts tamed
  • Spawn in plains kind of rarely but a bit more commonly in flower forests
  • 4 hearts attack damage
  • Tameable using golden carrots 
  • When you hit a wild angel pig all wild ones turn dark brown with red eyes and start attacking you

Withered Cat

Same behavior with zombie cats, but they have variants and the only way of getting one is using a sad potion on a cat or a skeleton cat


  • 8.5 hearts health
  • 2.5 hearts attack damage
  • Neutral
  • Switches between water and land mode
  • Penguins on land on water mode have a random chance to get a 10 second long speed boost or break the ice under them to get to water
  • Look funny when they are angry
  • Tamed ones hunt vanilla fish and pizzafish for you
  • Can be tamed(when baby), tempt, bred and healed using raw cod or salmon


Sea Pizza

  • Dropped by pizzafish
  • Small chance to give you slowness or regeneration
  • Used to tame most of the fish

Swordfish Meat

Swordfish Fillet

  • Can be cooked into swordfish steak
  • 1.5 hunger bars
  • Has a small chance of giving you fatal poison
  • Dropped by Pizzafish

Swordfish Steak

  • 3.5 hunger bars
  • Takes slightly less time to eat than vanilla food
  • Has a small chance of giving water breathing

Fish Sword

Recipe on the end of this page, deals 13 hearts damage to fish, orcas, picklepets and penguins

Cat Potions

Recipes on the end of this page

Sad Potion

  • Cat, Skeleton Cat → Withered Cat

Happy Potion

Boring Potion

  • Withered Cat, Cat → Skeleton Cat

Funny Potion

Changes to the existing cat mob

5 new variants, spawns at jungles but still also spawn at villages.

Taming the fish

If you want an aquarium with multiple types of fish and don’t want them to eat eachother then tame them .Most of the fish from this add-on are tamed using pieces of pizza which are dropped by pizzafish, with the exception of pizzafish which require rotten flesh and vanilla fish which require seeds or carrots.


Terms of Use

  1. No using this for clickbait videos or videos that give false information.
  2. You must put the MCPEDL link in the description if you make a video, not your own monetized link or a direct link.
  3. No claiming this add-on as yours, modifying and uploading it, etc. Keep in mind that selling others people’s content online is illegal.
  4. No doing other nonsense things like the things above, because I didn’t say something it doesn’t mean that you can do it. have fun!
  5. You don’t need to ask me to use this for a map or a modpack just give me credit

Report bugs, suggest stuff and get betas of the add-on in my Discord server. You can also report bugs and suggest stuff in this posts comments or tag/DM me in Twitter @billeyzambie or in Discord billeyzambie#3038, as long as you are in the official Minecraft Discord server you’ll be able to dm me on Discord


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon(scroll down to download)
  2. Apply the packs for a world.
  3. Create the world.

  • Added 4 new mobs
  • Added custom items
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • Made the add-on more fun and less annoying, especially in survival
  • No longer outdated

2.0 Changelog:

      • Added 7 new mobs:
        • Pigeons
        • Pizzafishes
        • Endercats
        • Great White Sharks
        • Angel Cats
        • Picklepets
        • End Angel Cats
      • Improved textures of Anglerfishes, Swordfishes and Orcas
      • The mobs now spawn naturally(might be buggy)
      • Now every mob has sounds
      • Better sounds for mobs that already had sounds


    Turn on experimental gameplay unless you are in 1.16 or higher or the items won’t appear


    Supported Minecraft versions

    1.15 (beta)
    1.16 (beta)

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