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Ever wanted more biomes? Well, this is the add-on for you. There are 4 new biomes,7 new blocks and 4 new items.Now let’s look at the new biomes and items and block.

The first biome is the Volcano Biome.A biome filled with Ash blocks(New block),Magma blocks and Coal blocks.

Here’s the picture of the biome.

The next biome is the Burned Desert biome.A desert that got burned that has Burnet Sand(New Block) and Magma blocks.

Here is the picture of the biome.

The Space Rock biome.A biome that come from space!You can find Bluenet blocks(New Block)And Gem Rocks(New Block).

Here’s the picture of the biome.

The last biome is the Space Ore biome.A biome that also came from space that has a new ore called Greeium Ore and also bluenet blocks.

Here’s the picture of the biome.

New Items:

The first item is Blue Gem.A item that can make a Blue Gem Block(New Block).

Here’s the picture.

The next item is Greeium Ingot.You can get it by putting Greeium Ore in the furnace and craft a Greeium Sword and a Greeium Pickaxe(New Items).

Here’s the picture.

How to craft the Greeium Sword.

How to craft the Greeium Pickaxe.

The Greeium Sword.A sword that is craft with Greeium Ingots.Has 5 attack damage

Here’s the picture.

The Greeium Pickaxe.A pickaxe that craft with Greeium Ingots.Has 4 attack damage.

Here’s the picture 


Make Sure To Enable Experimental Gameplay


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