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Have you ever created a new world, and someone joins you and blows it all up with a couple of TNTs? Keep forgetting to turn off mob griefing, and someone spams withers on your world to ruin hours of your work? These templates here will help you a lot!

Presenting, Blank World Templates!

Here, we have 2 templates, one for a flat world, and another for void. Let’s check them out!

1) New Flat World!

This world is your normal flat world, but with anti grief gamerules turned on by default. No more getting griefed!

An Amazing feature of this world is that if anyone tries to use TNT, It gets struck by lightning! (the gif below shows it in action!)

2) New VOID World!

This is a world completely void of all blocks, except 1 bedrock block. You can use it to make your next skyblock map, or have a base in the void 😀


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